Funds That Support the Center for State Policy and Leadership

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Above: Staff from UIS’ Center for State Policy and Leadership.

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General Funds

Center for State Policy and Leadership Fund–Current-Use

By giving to this fund, you provide support that must be used during the current year.

Center for State Policy and Leadership–Endowed

By giving to this fund, you add to the endowment that provides ongoing support for the Center.

Dr. Larry Golden Illinois Innocence Project Fund

An endowed fund that supports scholarships for UIS students working with the Illinois Innocence Project and for general support.

Graduate Public Service Internship Program Fund

Unrestricted support for the Graduate Public Service Internship Program (GPSI). Located within the Center for State Policy and Leadership, GPSI is ranked as one of Illinois’ premier governmental internship programs. For over 30 years this program has provided top-flight graduate students with a high quality graduate education, real world experience, and lifelong connections.

Illinois Innocence Project Fund

Gifts support Innocence Project activities at UIS. The Illinois Innocence Project has a three-part mission to evaluate and investigate innocence cases, to encourage criminal justice reforms, and to provide the public education about wrongful convictions.

Illinois Issues Fund

This fund supports the publication of Illinois Issues, UIS’ accolade-winning magazine dedicated to providing fresh, provocative analysis of public policy in Illinois with a special focus on state government and politics. Your support will help us maintain our high standards. You can read about our recent accolades here.

Institute for Legal and Policy Studies Fund

Gifts to this fund provide unrestricted support to the Institute for Legal and Policy Studies at UIS (ILAPS). The Institute was developed in 1977 primarily to contribute to the understanding and improvement of the Illinois legal system in ways accessible to scholars, policy makers, practitioners, and the general public. The Institute conducts training, research, and public service and education projects that address significant public issues related to the law and legal system.

Institute projects include those independently undertaken and those funded on a grant or contract basis to through public and private sector support. Substantive areas of concern have included judicial process; the philosophy and history of the law; social services, including child welfare and substance abuse; dispute resolution; and administrative, criminal, corrections, school, health, environmental, family, and juvenile law.

Institute activities include writing publications, legislation, and administration rules; legal and social science research; legislative and policy analysis; and developing law related and other educational material, training curricula, workshops, and conferences.

Lincoln Legacy Lecture Series

The UIS Lincoln Legacy Lecture Series, inaugurated in 2002 with the dedication of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, brings scholars and policy specialists of national renown to Springfield to present a lecture on a contemporary public policy issue.

Unique to this series is each topic is one that both engaged Abraham Lincoln and the citizens of his era and that is still timely today. Each lecturer’s focus is on the topic’s contemporary form and how Lincoln addressed it at an earlier time. Subjects have included:

  • race relations,
  • civil liberties,
  • presidential leadership, and
  • federalism

The Series is sponsored by the UIS Center for State Policy and Leadership and by UIS’ Professor of History and Naomi B. Lynn Distinguished Professor of Lincoln Studies at UIS. The series is also supported by gifts from generous donors.

Office of Electronic Media Unrestricted Fund

The Office of Electronic Media produces public service, educational, informational and public affairs programs on DVD, CD, video, audiotape and the Internet in support of the University’s academic and public affairs missions. For information on special projects, such as the upcoming video production on the Old State Capitol, please send us your question using the link at left.

Papers of Abraham Lincoln Fund

This provides unrestricted support for the Papers of Abraham Lincoln Program within the Center. You can read more about this project here.

Paul Simon Policy Fund

Gifts to this fund support writers for special articles related to future public policy issues.

Survey Research Office

Gifts to this fund support The Survey Research Office (SRO), the unit of the Center for State Policy and Leadership that uses survey research to further the public affairs mission of the UIS campus.

In practice, this has meant specializing in serving the needs of state and local government agencies and non-profit organizations. The SRO does this both directly and working with other Center/University units and faculty. SRO also assists the UIS campus—administration, faculty, and students—with their survey needs.


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