Fund That Supports the Counseling Center

Counseling Center
Above: UIS’ Counseling Center stands ready to help any student who might benefit from counseling.

Make a Difference for Students with Vulnerabilities

Many students, whether they are the traditional ages between 18 and 22 or older, non-traditional students, benefit from counseling services. College years for anyone are difficult with many stressors, changes, and challenges, and nationwide studies indicate that many students have trouble:

  • Nationwide, up to 40% of college students admit to being so depressed they cannot function well (as reported in a 2005 National College Health Assessment).
  • As many as 60% of women in college nationwide exhibit some sort of eating disorder behavior.
  • Many students nationwide experiment with drug and alcohol use, and some abuse them.
  • Half of college-age students consider suicide, and nationwide the second leading cause of death among college students is suicide (accidental, including motor vehicle accidents, is the most common cause of death among college students).

Help Us Help Students

At UIS, we care deeply about our students. We want to do everything we can to help students deal with them when they occur.

That’s why we have a counseling center, and that’s why we are asking you to add your support for this important service. You can read more about UIS’ Counseling Center here, including the many services the Center provides. Please give generously.


We welcome your inquiries. Please feel free to contact us.