Reaching Steller: Scholarship Stories

2017 Scholarship Luncheon
Scholarship Luncheon between recipients and donors Wednesday, November 8, 2017.

Hailey HollinsheadHailey Hollinshead | All In for Science

Hailey Hollinshead’s passion for science and medical research has grown at the University of Illinois Springfield. She happily admits to being one of those rare people who love chemistry. She says:

“Women becoming a larger part of the scientific profession? Count me in. Becoming part of academic conversations where discoveries change the world overnight? That sounds exhilarating. Making a difference while immersing myself in work that I love? I’m all in.”

She plans to attend medical school following graduation and become a dermatologist.
This past year, Hailey was the recipient of the William and Mary Schnirring Liberal Arts and Sciences Scholarship and was honored with the Student Laureate Award from the Lincoln Academy of Illinois.
Scholarships are a Reaching Stellar priority…
Because scholarships affirm the aspirations, energy and diversity of our student body.

Rose Marie Roach, Joye Williams, Joye's motherScholarships | More Than Just Financial

Scholarship donors sometimes form a very special relationship with recipients, giving students extra encouragement, special experiences, and even friendship. Dr. Rose Marie Roach did so with Joye Williams who finished her master’s degree in Legal Studies last year.
Rose Marie Roach is an amazing woman, my benefactor, idol, confidant, and friend,” Joye said.
Rose Marie helped to make Joye’s commencement very special. As Joye describes it: “When it looked as though my 92-year-old mother would be unable to attend my graduation, Rose (also over 90) told me, ‘I’ll be there and make enough noise for both of us.’ Fortunately, both were in attendance, and true to form, they were among the loudest people in the audience. I told them, ‘Thank God I have a Legal Studies degree. I should be able to get two over-ninety-year-old women out of jail for disorderly conduct!’ It was one of the best days of my life.”
Scholarships are a Reaching Stellar priority because…
Scholarships affirm the aspirations, energy and diversity of our student body.
Scholarship Luncheon

Three New Scholarships for UIS Students

  • Lawrence E. Williams/Dr. Larry Golden Illinois Innocence Project Scholarship: Education can be a stepping stone to a new life, so Joye Williams created this scholarship for a previously convicted person who has been exonerated, had his or her record expunged, or has completed serving a sentence and wishes to attend UIS. As a second choice, the scholarship will go to a student working in the Illinois Innocence Project.
  • The Allan and Penny Roth Scholarship in Cybersecurity will support an undergraduate student in Computer Science who has a concentration in Information Systems Security.
  • Floyd Scholarship for Public Administration: In recognition of the history and founding principles of the UIS (previously Sangamon State) and its location in the State Capital, this scholarship has been created for an upper-division undergraduate student with an academic focus in American public administration.

Leanna ChurchillLeanne Churchill | Drew scholarship recipient

As a student at Williamsville High School, Leanna Churchill asked the athletic director if she could take pictures of the school’s sporting events allowed her to network with people in local journalism. Now a communication major at UIS, Leanna works as an intern at in Springfield. “I hope to one day share the stories that help to inspire others and report on events that will be remembered for a lifetime, especially in sports,” she said. This year, Leanna has been encouraged in her career by receiving the Dara Drew Memorial Scholarship, named in honor of a member of the Saga Communications (Capitol Radio) Group.

Scholarship Luncheon2018 Scholarship Luncheon