Reaching Stellar: Selected Scholarship Funds to Support

Scholarships affirm the aspirations of our students and lead to success

Scholarship Funds to Support

UIS Scholarship Fund

If you want to contribute to scholarships without creating a named scholarship of your own, here’s the perfect fund. The UIS Scholarship Fund collects gifts of any size – some large and some small – to create scholarships for students. In a given year, as many as 15 students may receive scholarships from this fund. So make a gift, no matter how small – it really will provide scholarship help to UIS students.

Stars Athletics Scholarship Society Fund

This fund collects all unrestricted gifts to Athletics for scholarships, allowing the Prairie Stars staff to use the scholarships where most needed to meet needs of student-athletes and to encourage the enrollment of stellar athletes.

Chancellor’s Scholarship

Established in 1999, the Chancellor’s Scholarship has been awarded to full-time students maintaining a GPA of 3.5 or higher with preference given to freshmen.

College-Based Scholarship Funds

These scholarship funds support students in each of the colleges.

  • College of Business and Management Scholarship Fund
  • College of Education and Human Services Scholarship Fund
  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Scholarship Fund
  • College of Public Affairs and Administration Scholarship Fund