Reaching Stellar: Selected Academic Funds to Support

Students at Emiquon
Academic Excellence: Learning that Empowers the Future

Academic Programs to Support

Department-Based Funds

You can link to all the funds that support your department from this page: Choose Where to Give. The link will take you to a page that lists your department’s unrestricted fund (named for the department), as well as any other funds that support your department.

Academic Affairs Fund for Excellence

An unrestricted fund available to the Provost to meet unexpected needs and take advantage of unforeseen opportunities to enhance academics at UIS.

Undergraduate Student Research Fund

Faculty-student collaboration is a core strength of UIS, a powerful impetus for learning and development. Your gifts to the Undergraduate Research Support Program will help to provide funds for research, travel to professional conferences for presenting results, and support for UIS’ Student Arts and Research Symposium (StARS), which occurs in the spring.

Office of Student Learning Services, or “The Learning Hub”  (formerly The Center for Teaching and Learning)

The Learning Hub doesn’t hand out success; it helps students achieve it. That’s an important distinction because we want students to leave UIS as leaders, confident in their abilities to contribute to society. This one-on-one intensive assistance comes at a price. It requires excellent staff, excellent materials, excellent training for peer mentors and tutors, and much more. Your gifts to the Hub help to make an immediate difference for students who most need help and yet have tremendous promise as UIS graduates.

Faculty Support

The following funds support faculty through sabbatical support, recognition and research efforts.

  • Harry and Deborah Berman Sabbatical Fund
  • Caryl Towsley Moy, Ph.D., Endowed Fund for Collaborative Research
  • Oakley Online Teaching Award Fund
  • Pearson Faculty Awards Fund