Reaching Stellar: The Campaign for the University of Illinois Springfield

Reaching Stellar and student

A $40 million initiative that will benefit students, the Springfield community and others

The University of Illinois Springfield launched the public phase of the largest fundraising campaign in its history on October 10, 2017. The goal of “Reaching Stellar: The Campaign for the University of Illinois Springfield” is to raise $40 million to benefit students, faculty and the Springfield community. The campaign will continue through 2022.

Stories to Make You Proud

We have collected stories to make alumni and friends of UIS proud of what is happening as the result of generous private support. Enjoy!

Reaching Stellar campaign priorities

UIS Campaign Planning Committee

The UIS Campaign Planning Committee is leading the Reaching Stellar campaign for UIS. Co-chairs are Hy Bunn, president and CEO of Bunn-O-Matic Corporation, and Saul Morse, of counsel at Brown, Hay & Stephens LLC, and director, University of Illinois Foundation. Other members include Micah Bartlett, W. Robert Felker, Julie Kellner, Pam McClelland, Larry Shiner, Janice Spears, Julie Staley and Guerry Suggs.

“As we begin this new campaign, only a few years from the University’s 50th anniversary, the prospects for this institution of higher education and its effect upon our community are limitless,” said Saul Morse.

“This campaign is as important to the greater Springfield area as it is for the University,” said Hy Bunn. “I’m excited to see UIS thrive through support from the University’s many alumni and friends.”