Lori Fairchild

Lori Fairchild

Lori Fairchild | Recent Graduate and Loyal Donor

BS 2010 Clinical Laboratory Science
Laboratory Shift Supervisor, Medical Laboratory Scientist
Blessing Hospital Laboratory, Quincy IL

Just eight years out of college, Lori Fairchild has already established herself as a generous and loyal donor to UIS. She made her first donation in 2011 and has given in every year since.

“As a UIS grad,” she said, “I believe it’s important to give back, especially to those programs that gave you a positive experience at UIS, so others are able to have those wonderful experiences too. I would also encourage giving to your program or field of study because it supports the next generation of workers in your field. Competent coworkers are so important.”

Three funds that Lori supports

  • Clinical Laboratory Science
    It is vital that the new CLS students are well trained to enter the workforce and fill the numerous vacancies in this important field. The materials needed for proper “hands-on” education are expensive, and I am happy to help financially and invest in the future of my career field.
  • Friends of Brookens Library
    Brookens Library is so important. Students need access to all the information the library offers. Also, I worked in the media lab in the basement of Brookens, so Brookens felt like my home away from home on campus.
  • UIS Theatre
    I participated in all of the UIS student theatre productions while at UIS, so I have started giving to the UIS Theatre Program, as well. I made most of my friends at UIS from the student theatre productions, and I want to make sure UIS is able to continue these productions, allowing others to participate and develop lasting friendships.

Lori also supports the Christian Student Fellowship group on campus. “They were a very inviting group that helped to keep me grounded in my beliefs and provided a sense of community and belonging on campus,” she said. “I support their mission of sharing the love of Jesus on campus.

Why she’s so generous

Asked where her philanthropic resolve comes from, Lori said, “My parents. They have always been diligent tithers to their church and community, with both time and money, and they instilled in me the importance of giving back to important causes that made an impact in my life to pass on that impact in others’ lives.”