Alumni Programs

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Staying  Active with UIS

Stay current with what’s going on at UIS by participating in the various programs offered through UIS Alumni Relations. Whether you’re watching an event at Sangamon Auditorium, or purchasing an Official Ring of UIS, there are many ways to stay active with your alma mater. We encourage your involvement and hope to see or hear from you.

If you have any questions about any of the following programs, please contact Chuck Schrage, Associate Chancellor for Alumni Relations at UIS.

Diploma Certificate

When the former Sangamon State University became the third campus of the University of Illinois in 1995, many alumni expressed the desire to obtain replacement diploma certificates reflecting the new identity of the institution.

UIS diploma certificates, with a presentation cover bearing the seal of the University of Illinois, are currently available through the Office of  Advancement for a $35.00 processing fee.

UIS certificates read as follows:

University of Illinois
At Springfield
(formerly Sangamon State University)

Recognizes that
upon recommendation of the Faculty
of Sangamon State University

[Name on your original diploma]

was admitted to the Degree of
[Degree on your original diploma]

on the [date] day of [month], nineteen hundred and [year]
and is entitled to all rights and honors thereto appertaining

Witness the Seal of the University and signatures of its Officers

To order your diploma certificate, please call the Office of Advancement at 217-206-6058.

EXPLORERS Travel Program

For 50 years, the University of Illinois Alumni Alliance’s EXPLORERS travel program has sent alumni and friends on unforgettable adventures around the world. With all details meticulously choreographed, EXPLORERS offers you exclusive access to a variety of once-in-a-lifetime adventures, providing a safe and enriching way for you, your friends and your families to connect and experience the world. View our 2019 calendar of trips.

Official Ring of UIS

Order information here.