Spring 2021 Return To Campus

Dear UIS Students —

Thank you for a successful Fall 2020 semester. Everyone did a remarkable job honoring our United in Safety guidelines, and as a result, we experienced a low positivity rate on campus for most of the semester.

It’s time to look toward the Spring 2021 semester, which begins Jan. 19. There are some important things to take note of now to help you prepare for a successful return to campus.

  1. Don’t delay your return to campus. Though the first two weeks of the spring semester are all remote, the university still prefers that as many students as possible return to their on-campus living space during our scheduled move-in dates, Jan. 13-15 (more details will be shared by the Department of Residence Life). This will allow you to re-establish your UIS “bubble” and get tested at least twice before in-person classes begin. Students who live off-campus but are spending their winter break elsewhere should also strongly consider moving back to their off-campus space by Jan. 19.
  2. Limit your social interactions before returning to campus. For at least three to five days before you return, and for seven days after you return, be very limited with your social interactions. This will help lower your risk of exposure to COVID-19 and potentially spreading the disease to others.
  3. Plan to get tested ASAP when you return. Anyone who will be living, learning, working or training on campus next semester should resume their weekly COVID-19 testing visits as soon as they return to campus. Compliance will be monitored closely. You may want to consider testing twice a week, at least two days apart, for the first two weeks after you return. Testing twice a week has been shown to greatly increase chances of identifying and stopping the spread of the virus.
  4. Quarantines for travelers are not required, but be extra careful if you are traveling. Those who travel via any means other than individual vehicle (preferably alone or with those in their immediate household) should be extra careful for the first 7-10 days on campus in the event they were unknowingly exposed during travel. This includes initially wearing a mask and social distancing when around roommates or suitemates. International travelers will not need to enter quarantine upon their return to campus, according to current CDC guidance (subject to change).
  5. Do NOT travel back to campus if you are under isolation or quarantine or are experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19. Contact UIS Health Services for guidance at 217-206-6676.


Have a safe and happy winter break!