UIS-Administered English Admissions Exam

The University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) administers an English proficiency examination to students applying from certain international partner institutions.  This test may be taken in place of other English proficiency exams which fulfill our admissions requirements, such as TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE-Academic.  This is an internal examination whose scores are only reported to our Admissions office.

About the Test:

The Michigan English Language Institute College English Test (MELICET) is designed to test the level of English language competence of non-native speakers of English. The content of the test is aimed toward the level of English a student might encounter in an American university setting.  The test consists of:

  • Part 1: Listening
  • Part 2: Grammar, Cloze, Vocabulary and Reading

Part 1: Listening

This is a 50-item, multiple-choice test of listening items in the following formats: short questions, short statements which are matched to statements with similar meanings, short questions and statements with meaning dictated by emphasized words, an academic lecture (with accompanying chart or graph) followed by comprehension questions, and a two-person, casual conversation, also accompanied by visual clues (map or diagram), with comprehension questions. Speakers use standard American English at a normal rate of delivery.  The test takes about 45 minutes.

Part 2: Grammar, Cloze, Vocabulary and Reading

This is a 100-item, multiple-choice test of grammar items in a conversational format, cloze items in a paragraph format, vocabulary items requiring selection of a synonym or completion of a sentence, and reading comprehension items. The cloze section measures organizational features of text, such as cohesion, grammar, and context. The test takes about 90 minutes.

Who can take the test?

This test is not offered at UIS. Only UIS applicants who are applying from certain international partner institutions may take this exam.  Test-takers must have submitted an application at the non-degree, undergraduate, or graduate level.  The application does not need to be complete, but students must have begun the process and received a University Identification Number (UIN).

Students may take the test only once per semester and for a maximum of three times total.

Students who are not eligible to take the UIS-Administered Test may still take other English proficiency exams accepted by the Admissions Office (i.e. TOEFL, IELTS, PTE-Academic).

What score do I need?

See our

When and how will I know my results?

Tests will be scored within two weeks.  The results will be emailed directly to the institution’s designated contact person.

When and where are the next tests?

Please contact the Office of Admissions.

How do I register?

Please contact the Office of Admissions.

What should I bring to the exam?

On exam day, your name must appear on the registration list.  You should bring two forms of identification, one of which must be a government issued ID.

How can I prepare?

The MELICET consists of retired forms of the Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB)Note that the UIS-Administered test consists only of two parts whereas the MELAB has four.

For more information and helpful preparation tips: