International Students – University of Illinois Springfield

Image of globeEach year more and more students choose to start their university study in their home country or at a US community college. We welcome transfer credits from many institutions.

The Office of Admissions has agreements with several universities in other countries to accept coursework to be used toward a UIS degree. A number of students also choose to come to the US and pursue part of their bachelor degree at a US community college. UIS has a long history of helping students transfer their coursework and we look forward to helping you transfer your courses from your home country or from another US institution. Questions regarding admissions and transfer of courses should be directed to the Office of Admissions.

Current transfer agreements with international institutions:

Dalian University of Foreign Languages

Dalian University

University of Danang

Heilongjian University

Ho Chi Minh University

Kunjang International Institute

SSTC School for Further Education

Taizhou University