Conditional Admission for Undergraduate International Students

Undergraduate students who do not meet our English proficiency requirements may be eligible for conditional admission, depending upon the score received, as detailed below:

Category Exam Score ESL Requirements
2 TOEFL PBT 477-497
iBT 53-60
Student must complete level-appropriate academic year ESL courses as determined by the Placement Test administered upon arrival
Pearson Test of English (PTE) 41-43

Conditional Admission to the University cannot be offered if scores are lower than what is listed above.

The acceptance letter to the conditionally admitted student clearly states that: (a) Conditional Admission is being offered, (b) ESL classes are required, (c) enrollment in ESL courses may delay their graduation date and (d) ESL costs are in addition to the regular university costs and are borne by the student.

Requirements While Conditionally Admitted

ESL Sequence

To understand the Conditional Admission Policy, it is helpful to understand the two ESL curriculum levels: Bridge and University.

Level Course iTEP Score
Bridge LNG 091: ESL Reading & Writing & LNG 092: ESL Speaking & Listening Below 3.5
Advanced LNG 101: ESL Advanced Oral & Written Communication Between 3.5 – 3.9

In order to advance from Bridge to Advanced level, students must pass both LNG 091 and LNG 092 with a C or better or take an English Language proficiency test and meeting the requirements. Students who passed only one Bridge level course would be unable to progress to the University level (100). The student would repeat the ESL class and upon passing the course with a C or better would either advance to LNG 101 or earn an admissible score on an English Language proficiency test, thus becoming a fully admitted student. In order to move from Advanced level to full admission, conditionally admitted students must complete LNG 101 with a C or better and earn an admissible score on an English Language proficiency test.

Conditionally admitted students must demonstrate that they are making progress toward full admission by progressing smoothly through LNG 091, LNG 092, and LNG 101. If a conditionally admitted student fails one of these classes twice, the offer of conditional admission will be terminated and the student will be advised to concentrate fully on English language training and to apply to the degree program at a later date. While on conditionally admitted status, students would be required to maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average. Conditionally admitted students are subject to the same academic standards as regular students.

University Coursework & Credit Hours

Conditionally admitted students balance ESL and General Education coursework. While enrolled in ESL classes, conditionally admitted students would take General Education courses which have been pre-approved by academic programs and faculty responsible for their delivery through consultation with the ESL Program.

Based on their ESL level, conditionally admitted students will enroll in courses according to the following guidelines:

Term of Enrollment ESL Course Maximum Number of Appropriate Concurrent General Education Courses
Fall or Spring LNG 091 (4 credits) & LNG 092 (4 credits) taken concurrently 4 credit hours from the Bridge level from the Approved Concurrent Coursework list*
Fall or Spring LNG 101 (4 credits) 8 credit hours from the Approved Concurrent Coursework list*

In order to allow conditionally admitted students sufficient resources to improve their academic English skills, they should be limited to no more than twelve semester hours of credit during the fall and spring semesters.

*For the Approved Concurrent Coursework list, please contact your Academic Adviser in OASIS.

Gaining Full Admission

There are two paths to exit from conditional admission status and gain full admission:

  1. The student completes both LNG 091 and LNG 092 with a C or better and earns an admissible score on an English Language proficiency test.
  2. The student completes LNG 101 with a C or better and earns (or has already earned within one year) an admissible score on an English Language proficiency test.