Home Schooled

We Welcome Home Schooled Applicants

We may offer a big name degree but our warm, personal learning environment will feel familiar.

  • Rigorous, U of I academics
  • Safe campus; mid-sized city
  • Professors who know you
  • 85+ clubs and organizations

If you have questions or an interest in the University of Illinois Springfield, please feel free to contact our Homeschool Admissions Counselor, Vyvyan Wesley via email or phone (888) 977-4847.

Home School applicants FAQ


What are the admission requirements for home school graduates?

The same as for all applicants. We require a completed application and application fee or fee waiver, official high school transcripts (which includes transcripts submitted by a parent/teacher), official ACT or SAT test scores, and a personal/academic statement of between 500-700 words. All applicants are considered on an individual basis.

What are you looking for in a personal/academic statement?

Applicants must provide written evidence of their ability to perform at a high academic level. We would like both topics addressed in your statement:

Personal Statement – this is an applicant’s chance to tell us about themselves. Describe interests and accomplishments that are not indicated elsewhere on the application.

Academic Statement – Tell us more about your professional aspirations, intellectual interests, and, if you’ve chosen an academic degree program, talk about your personal experiences relevant to that program.

What should be included in my transcript?

A comprehensive transcript, detailing your completed and in-progress coursework is required. The transcript should indicate grades that have been received for each course from ninth grade year to current. A brief summary of course content may be requested. The transcript MUST include the signature of the individual who prepared it.

You may use our transcript template if you do not already have one. The information can be entered directly into the PDF form and then printed for signature.

The transcript MUST be signed by hand, and sent to UIS via postal mail with the return address of the preparing person or entity.

Do you require the GED?

No. The GED is not required when official transcripts are submitted.


Will you accept letters of recommendation?

Letters of recommendation are not required or accepted. The exception to that is the UIS Capital Honors program, which may request that you submit letters of recommendation in addition to the credentials supplied for admission. You will be notified if your application indicates that you are eligible for an honors curriculum.


Is there an application deadline?

Applicants seeking admission as a freshmen are encouraged to submit their application early in their senior year. Applications will be evaluated when all materials, scores, and fee are received.

Can home school graduates compete for academic scholarships?

Yes. All applicants will automatically be considered for any merit-based scholarships. Your application for admission serves as your scholarship application. There is no need to submit any further materials. Because home school graduates do not have a class rank, we will place more weight on test scores, activities, awards, community service, etc.

What types of Majors and Minors are offered?

UIS offers 44 degree-granting programs. Courses are offered during the day, in the evenings and on weekends, as well as online. To view a list of our offerings, visit the academics page.

  • Average class size is 13 students
  • 23 bachelor’s degree programs, 20 master’s degree programs; 1 doctoral program
  • Academic resources include: wireless campus, “smart classroms,” the Norris L. Brookens Library, PC and Mac computer labs, television studio, media services, online files storage, and email accounts to all registered students without charge.


If I’m interested in living on campus, can I choose a roommate?

Yes. If you do not have someone in mind, you will be matched with other students with similar interests and/or lifestyle preferences (details on the housing application). We also have special wings in our residence halls for students with similar interests, including:

  • Leadership for Life (for students who seek volunteerism, civic engagement and leadership opportunities); and
  • Healthy Lifestyles (residents pledge to abstain from alcohol, tobacco and controlled substances, and participate in activities and events that promote holistic wellness).


Do you offer volunteerism/mission opportunities?

Yes. Our Office of Volunteer and Civic Engagement connects students to community partners with lots of opportunities to help others and make a difference. The students involved comprise a very special community on campus whose members share strong friendships and lots of fun.


How do I meet my faith commitment at a public university?

The University of Illinois Springfield welcomes students of all faiths and strives to create an environment that respects and supports the faith commitments of all students. Take some time to explore our 85+ student organizations. You’ll find there are several that are dedicated to providing a campus community for students who wish to express their faith. If you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to ask us. We can connect you with current students can answer your specific questions. We want to assure you that your student can attend a public university, get a great education at an affordable cost, and still maintain their faith commitment.