Facilities and Services

Facilities and Services provide many service and maintenance needs on the UIS campus. We have services that cover Building Maintenance, Building Services – Janitorial, Construction, Environmental Health and Safety, Grounds Maintenance, Motor Pool, Signage & Space Planning, Utilities Management and Waste Disposal. Call us for any of your facilities service requests at 217-206-6530.

Facilities Scheduling and Services

Facilities Scheduling and Services at University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) is within the Administrative Affairs Unit. We schedule most public spaces on the UIS campus and provide a variety of coordination and event management services as well as scheduling spaces.
Our services consist of Classroom Scheduling, Conference Services, Campus Movers and Campus Recycling.

Parking Operations

Parking Operations at UIS manages all matters regarding parking and traffic.
There are ten parking lots on campus (excluding those designated for short term, handicapped accessible, and student housing). The lots are designated as follows: A, B, C-South, C-North, D, E, F, G, H, and I. There are also 64 metered parking spaces on campus to provide short term convenient parking.

All vehicles parked on university property by a full or part-time student, staff, or faculty must display a valid parking hang tag.
For more information visit the Parking Operations website.

The Office of Sustainability

UIS recognizes we are part of a global community with limited resources and our choices can positively affect the community and campus life. Take the Sustainability Pledge, become a Green Star, or join SAGE by following this link: