HLC Steering Committee

  • Keenan Dungey, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research & Institutional Effectiveness, committee chair (indefinite term)
  • Nancy Barrett, Education & Assessment Coordinator, CEHS (term ending AY 21-22)
  • Robert Blankenberger, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Public Administration, CPAA (term ending AY 20-21)
  • Matthew Brown, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, CBM (term ending AY 21-22)
  • Hei-Chi Chan, Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences, CLAS (term ending AY 19-20)
  • Amy Gurnitz, Human Resources Officer (term ending AY 19-20)
  • Cecilia Cornell, Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education (ex-officio)
  • Ken Mulliken, Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education (ex-officio)