Table of Contents 2007

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Organization of the University
     Governing Board
Administrative Structure
Academic Structure
Major Developments Since 1997
     Organizational Changes
Administrative Changes
Transition from Schools to Colleges
Elimination of Business and Administrative Services
Information Technology Services
Creation of Associate Chancellor of Constituent Relations
Creation of UIS Office of Development
Creation of Associate Vice Chancellor Positions
Elimination of Faculty Collective Bargaining Unit
Elimination of Degrees
New Degrees and Certificates
Creation of Senior Online Coordinator Position
Creation of Office of Technology-Enhanced Learning (OTEL)
Creation of a branch of University of Illinois Alumni           Association
Creation of the Offices of International Student Services and           International Programs
Analysis of Tuition and Fees
Comparative Analysis
Tuition decisions with respect to Financial Aid policy
Cost Sharing of Higher Education and Tuition Guarantee
Graduate Tuition
New Initiatives
Financial Resource Base
Doctorate of Public Administration
Online Delivery
Lower Division Expansion
Human Resources
An Infrastructure Designed for the Future
Physical Infrastructure
Technology Resources
Accreditation Background
     Progress on Concerns from 1997 Site Visit Report
Graduate Education
Strategic Planning
Implementation of Capital Scholars and DPA
Institutional Research
Student Affairs
Approval of Distance Education
Institutional Planning at UIS
     Strategic Planning Process—1992
Development Planning Committee—1995
National Commission on the Future of UIS—2002
Strategic Planning Process—2006
College and Division Strategic Planning
Annual Strategic Planning
Program/Unit Planning and Improvement
The Cycle of Continuous Improvement (Performance Indicators)
Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI)
National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
Cooperative Institutional Research Program Survey (CIRP)
Assoc. of College and University Housing Officers (ACUHO-I)
Alumni Surveys
Campus Climate Surveys
Core Alcohol and Drug Survey
Local Surveys
The Self-Study Process
     Steering Committee
Goals and Objectives
Organization of the Self-Study Report

Background of SSU/UIS Mission Statement
     Creating a Brilliant Future—A New Vision and Mission in 2006
2007 Mission Statement for UIS
2007 Vision Statement for UIS
2007 Guiding Values for UIS
2007 Strategic Intent for UIS
An Evolving Mission
A New Campus Culture
     Student Demographics
Student and Faculty Recruitment to Enhance Diversity
Undergraduate Recruitment
Graduate Recruitment
Collaborative Initiatives
Faculty Recruitment
Enrollment Management
Residential Life
Student Life
Student Support Services
Counseling Center
Campus Health Services (CHS)
Women’s Center
Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA)
Office of International Student Services (OISS)
Office of Disability Services (ODS)
Career Development Center (CDC)
Office of Student Volunteers and Civic Engagement (OSVCE)
Recreational Sports
Campus Climate
Campus Security
The Distinctive Organization
Reflecting on UIS’ Mission, Institutional Planning, and Campus      Culture
Building on Strengths and Addressing Concerns

The Future-Oriented Organization
Teaching and Learning is the Cornerstone
Effective Planning for the Future
Strategic Planning Process (1992)
Development Planning Committee (1995-96)
Campus Master Plan (2000)
National Commission on the Future of UIS: A Vision for All           Seasons (2003)
UIS Strategic Plan (2006)
A Responsive Curriculum
The Learning-Focused Organization
 A Student-Focused Learning Environment
A Culture of Assessment
Creating Lifelong Learners and Engaged Citizens
Preparing Students for Productive Careers
Supporting Teaching and Learning
Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
Undergraduate Academic Advising Center (UAAC)
Faculty Development
Recognition of Faculty for Excellence in Teaching
Curricular and Co-curricular Activities that Support Learning
Facilities that Support Teaching and Learning
The Connected Organization
Experiential Learning and Engaged Citizenship
Institutional Collaboration
Communicating with External Constituencies
The Distinctive Organization
Reflecting on Teaching and Learning
Building on Strengths and Addressing Concerns

The Future-Oriented Organization
Pursuing the Scholarship Mission
Planning for the Future
The Learning-Focused Organization
Developing a Faculty of Teacher-Scholars
Faculty Personnel Policy
Assessment, Faculty Survey Results
UIS Strategic Plan Action Steps
Engaging Students in Scholarship
Undergraduate Curriculum
Graduate Curriculum
Graduate Research Assistantships
Research-Related Internships
Presentation and Publication of Student Scholarship
Showcasing Student Scholarship
Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award
Verbal Arts Festival
Science Research Symposium
Emiquon Field Station
Online Student Research Symposium
Assessment, NSSE Results
UIS Strategic Plan Action Steps
Supporting and Recognizing Scholarship
Distinguished Professorships
Distinguished Visitor Program
Scholarship Recognition and Awards
Scholarship Workshop and Brown-Bag Seminars
Financial Support for Scholarship
Non-Instructional Assignments and Sabbaticals
Assessment, Faculty Survey Results
UIS Strategic Plan Action Steps
Providing an Institutional Infrastructure to Support Scholarship
Brookens Library
Assessment, Brookens Library
UIS Strategic Plan Action Steps
UIS Research Board
Office of Grants and Contracts
Office of Development
Institute for Legal, Legislative, and Policy Studies
Survey Research Office
Center for Geospatial Information Systems Applications
Center for Teaching and Learning
The Connected Organization
Serving the Disciplines and Society
Center for State Policy and Leadership
Downstate Illinois Innocence Project
Emiquon Field Station
International Scholarship
Online Learning Scholarship
Experiential and Service-Learning Institute
Assessment, Scholarly Presentation and Publications
UIS Strategic Plan Action Steps
Connecting with the Community
Sharing and Disseminating Scholarly Knowledge
Public Access to UIS Scholarly Facilities and Units
The Distinctive Organization
Reflecting on UIS Scholarship
Building on Strengths and Addressing Concerns

The Future-Oriented Organization
Revisiting the Public Affairs Mission
Pursuing the Public Affairs Mission
Using Technological Advancements to Inform and Engage      Constituencies
The Learning-Focused Organization
Integrating Public Affairs into the Curricula
Engaged Citizenship Common Experience (ECCE)
Service-Learning Courses
Applied Study Term (AST)
Experiential Learning Requirements in Particular Programs
Graduate Governmental Internship Programs, GPSI and ILSIP
“Intersession” Concept-Combining Courses with Policy           Summits
Graduate Closure Activities
Assessment, NSSE Results
UIS Strategic Plan Action Steps
Engaging Students in Public Affairs and Leadership
Campus Governance
Student Clubs and Organizations
Graduate Assistantships
Civic Engagement Opportunities
Volunteer and Service Opportunities
Recognition of Leadership
Assessment, NSSE Results
UIS Strategic Plan Action Step
The Connected Organization
Serving the Community and Society
Public Lectures, Forums, and Workshops
Applied Scholarship
Institute for Legal, Legislative, and Policy Studies
UIS Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
Assessment, Grants and Contracts
UIS Strategic Plan Action Step
Forming Partnerships with the Community
Education Partnerships
Other Community-Based Partnerships
Informing and Engaging Constituents
Center for State Policy and Leadership Programs and Services
UIS Alumni Association
UIS Facilities
Sangamon Auditorium
UIS Fine Arts and Forensics Programs
Other Programs that Engage the Community
Advisory Boards and Community Boards
Assessment, Springfield Community Opinion Survey Results
UIS Strategic Plan Action Steps
The Distinctive Organization
Recognizing Strengths and Challenges
Building on Strengths and Addressing Concerns

The Future-Oriented Organization
Preparing for the Future
Remaining on the Cutting Edge
The Learning-Focused Organization
Meeting the Mission of Teaching and Learning
Student Demographics
Focus on Academic Quality
Assessment of Student Learning
Facilitating Teaching Excellence
Supporting the Online Student
Online Program Coordinators
Online Orientation Website
Online Peer Tutors
Information Technology Services (ITS) Technology Support                Center (TSC)
Brookens Library
Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
Financial Aid Assistance
Illinois Virtual Campus Student Support Centers
Web Services
 Office of Disability Services (ODS)
Webcasts of Campus Events
Career Development Center (CDC)
The Connected Organization
 Institutional Collaboration
Promoting a Culture of Service
Marketing and Outreach
Communicating with Online Students
The Distinctive Organization
Reflecting on UIS Online Education
Building on Strengths and Addressing Concerns

Criterion One—Mission and Integrity
Criterion Two—Preparing for the Future
Criterion Three—Student Learning and Effective Teaching
Criterion Four—Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge
Criterion Five—Engagement and Service

Credit, Program Length, and Tuition
Organizational Compliance with the Higher Education Reauthorization Act
Federal Compliance Visits to Off-Campus Locations
Advertising and Recruitment Materials
Professional Accreditation Requirements of Institutions Holding Dual Institutional Accreditation
Organizational Records of Student Complaints

Student Demography
Student Recruitment and Admissions
Student Retention and Program Productivity
Faculty Demography
Instructional Resources and Information Technology
Financial Data