Ten UIS Students Present at University of Illinois Undergraduate Research Day


The first annual University of Illinois Undergraduate Research Day was held on Thursday, May 1, 2014. Ten students from UIS  joined their peers from UIC and UIUC to present their research results at the state capitol. Students were selected in a competitive process by the Undergraduate Research Steering Committee. Jesse Britz, a chemistry major, studied the use of iron nanoparticles for removing nitrate pollutants with Dr. Keenan Dungey. Nathan Hoyle used geographic information systems to map tree diversity on campus with Environmental Studies professor Dr. Dennis Ruez. Justin Mock, a chemistry major, investigated supernova with Dr. John Martin. Biology major Annu Daniel reviewed the medical applications of breast milk with Ms. Jaclyn Peterson. Megan Bott described the cultural phenomenon of Asian hipster cuisine with Sociology/Anthropology professor Dr. Shoon Lio. Kristen Zanon, a biology major, measured the antimicrobial properties of wild bergamot with Dr. Lucia Vazquez. Accounting major Matthew Motley investigated the intersection of politics and tax law with respect to the IRS under the guidance of Mr. Aaron Shures. Sarah Brust studied the emotional labor in the service industry with Business Administration professor Dr. Benjamin Walsh. Keith Wallace designed vision software for autonomous control of a robot with Computer Science instructor Ms. Lucinda Caughey. Visual art major Robert Elmers IV created an original art installation entitled “Peacock’s Tribulation” with professor Brytton Bjorngaard.

The students were accompanied by Dr. Keenan Dungey, Dr. Ron Loui, Mr. Brian Moore, and Mr. John Laubersheimer of the Undergraduate Research Support Program, which co-sponsored he event. Further support was provided by the Chancellor’s office staff, directed by Ed Wojcicki.