UIS Fall 2021 Employee COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Policy statement:

The University of Illinois System requires that all employees (faculty and staff) be fully vaccinated by the beginning of the Fall 2021 semester.  This policy details the University of Illinois Springfield’s campus-specific expectations for adhering to this requirement.


All UIS faculty, staff, volunteers, and long-term guests* working on the UIS campus or in UIS facilities who are able to receive a COVID-19 vaccine must be fully vaccinated with an FDA- or WHO-authorized vaccine and submit documentation confirming such vaccination prior to the start of the Fall 2021 semester (see deadlines below). To the extent practical, UIS will work with individual employees who are not vaccinated and do not qualify for an exemption to identify a path forward to continue to meet their work responsibilities.

I. Exemptions

Medical and religious exemptions will be considered. Exemption requests will be processed through the UIS AEO Office (aeo@uis.edu) using the same criteria as the university’s student COVID-19 vaccination exemption requests. Undergraduate and graduate student employees should submit an employee exemption request if their student/graduate student employment is on campus and they seek to be exempted from the vaccine requirement for medical or religious reasons.

To ensure timely consideration, exemption request forms must be submitted to the AEO Office by Aug. 6, 2021.

  • Medical: If a medical exemption is requested, the employee must complete the UIS COVID-19 Vaccination Medical Exemption Request Form and provide documentation of medical reasons, date the circumstances requiring the exemption are expected to end (if applicable) and their physician’s signature. Employees must have their exemption request completed and signed by a primary care provider not associated with UIS.
  • Religious: If an exemption based on religious grounds is requested, the employee must complete the UIS COVID-19 Vaccination Religious Exemption Request Form.

II. Mitigations

Employees who are granted an exemption from taking the COVID-19 vaccination must comply with mitigation measures, which will include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  1. Twice-a-week on-campus COVID-19 testing (every 48 hours), unless otherwise directed, with negative test results;
  2. Wearing face coverings at all times inside university facilities except in personal offices or residences, and when outside on campus if unable to maintain six feet of distance from others;
  3. Adhering to physical distancing requirements as directed by the university;
  4. Following any internal or external site-specific requirements (including but not limited to on-campus housing, classrooms, intercollegiate athletics, internships, clinical sites, etc.) if participating in a university-sponsored activity.

The number of exemptions granted to UIS employees and/or the trajectory of the pandemic may determine additional restrictions for on-campus activities for unvaccinated individuals with an approved exemption.

III. Requests for Alternate Work Arrangements

Any employee (1) who is not vaccinated, (2) does not have an approved exemption and (3) does not intend to request remote work in compliance with the Remote Work Policy and/or has not already been approved for remote work pursuant to that policy, may participate in an individual assessment process to determine if it is feasible to implement alternate work arrangements for the employee.

An employee may propose in writing via the Alternative Work Arrangement Request Form how their job could be restructured in such a way that they could work as an unvaccinated employee and not pose a health risk to others. The proposal must describe how they could perform their duties with no contact with others and how the restructuring of their job would not impact any other employees’ work or the operational needs of the university. Each proposal will undergo a rigorous assessment, and only proposals that clearly convince a review panel that the unvaccinated employee could reasonably and consistently perform the duties and responsibilities required of their current position in alignment with our university health and safety requirements will be approved. Approved proposals will be reviewed every 30 days by the employee’s supervisor, who will confirm that the unvaccinated employee is adhering to the approved work approach.

Additionally, employees approved for an alternate work arrangement agree to follow the above mitigations for unvaccinated employees with an approved exemption.

IV. Deadlines:

  • August 1: Confirm your vaccination status with the university
    • If you are fully vaccinated, upload your record to Medicat by this date.
    • If you are partially vaccinated by this date, email aeo@uis.edu to indicate the date you will be fully vaccinated (14 days after your final dose of vaccine). You must be prepared to provide documentation showing you have received at least one dose if taking a two-dose vaccine, or received a single-dose vaccine if taking a single-dose vaccine, by this date to receive an extension. Employees with an extension past the start of the Fall 2021 semester (Aug. 20) may participate in on-campus activities while partially vaccinated but must follow all mitigations for unvaccinated employees with approved exemptions.
    • If you intend to request an exemption or submit an alternate work arrangement, please indicate your intentions to aeo@uis.edu by this date.
  • August 6: Submit an exemption request or your proposal for an alternate work arrangement. Any employee whose exemption or alternative work arrangement is denied must get their first vaccine dose within one week of being notified. An unpaid leave of absence may be possible if there is an unacceptable delay in the employee’s becoming fully vaccinated.

V. Noncompliance

Failure of any unvaccinated employee to comply with this policy may result in significant disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

The UIS Campus Rapid Response Team reserves the right to issue additional mitigations intended to prioritize health and safety for the UIS campus—including requiring testing of both vaccinated and unvaccinated populations based on community and campus health statistics or emerging public health guidance.

*Long-term guests include non-UIS employees assigned to office space on the UIS campus and will be expected to comply with this policy. The UIS office responsible for the contract with these non-UIS agencies or employees should reach out to aeo@uis.edu to discuss compliance.

Approval recommended by Chancellor’s Cabinet 9/21/2021
Approved by Chancellor 9/21/2021
Effective date (revised version) 9/21/2021

UIS Fall 2021 Employee Vaccination Policy – revised policy (PDF)

UIS Fall 2021 Employee Vaccination Policy – original policy (PDF)