Policy on Policies

Policy statement

This policy on policies governs the oversight and development of all formal UIS campus-wide policies. Individuals and units on campus must follow the procedures outlined in this policy to obtain approval of new campus-wide policies and revisions or updates to existing campus-wide policies.


I. Policy oversight

A. To ensure ready access to UIS policies, UIS maintains all current campus-wide policies and U of I policies specific to the Springfield campus in the University of Illinois Springfield Academic Staff Handbook.

B. The Academic Staff Handbook is published in electronic format only and is available online at https://www.uis.edu/academicstaffhandbook/. The handbook is maintained by the Provost’s Office and contains all official, university-approved versions of formal UIS campus-wide policies.

C. If there is a discrepancy between a unit version of a policy and the Academic Staff Handbook version, the version in the online handbook is to be considered the official version. Units may not post duplicate versions of campus-wide policies on unit websites. All unit websites and paper documents referring to campus-wide policies should reference or link to the policies available at https://www.uis.edu/academicstaffhandbook/.

D. The Academic Staff Handbook may also include links to internal division- and unit-specific policies, which may reside on unit websites. Responsibility for these policies rests with the appropriate division or unit head.

II. Policy development

A. Policy initiators may identify a campus-level policy issue and develop a policy proposal. The policy initiator will submit the policy proposal for review and endorsement by a unit or department head.

B. The unit or department head will submit recommended proposals to the appropriate division head or member of the Chancellor’s Cabinet for consideration.

III. Policy revisions and updates

A. All proposed new campus-wide policies and revisions or updates to existing campus-wide policies will be routed through the division head or other member of the Chancellor’s Cabinet to the Chancellor’s Cabinet for review and approval.

B. If the Chancellor’s Cabinet approves the proposed, revised, or updated policy, the approval date will be noted on the policy, and the cabinet-approved policy will be presented to the chancellor for final review and approval.

C. If the chancellor approves the cabinet-approved policy referenced in III.B. above, the approval and effective dates will be noted on the policy, and the newly-approved policy or version will replace any outdated versions in the Academic Staff Handbook.

Approved 11.1.12 for effective date of 11.1.12

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