Policy on Non-Faculty Employees Teaching Courses

Policy statement

This policy provides guidelines for allowing qualified non-faculty employees to teach courses at UIS.


  1. Individuals must meet the qualifications as set out by the Department, College, University, and Accreditation bodies. Individuals must acknowledge that their primary job is paramount.
  2. Individuals normally may teach only one course per term for the University so as to prevent a conflict of time commitment.
  3. Individuals may not teach during regularly scheduled work hours. Individuals must be FLSA exempt.
  4. Individuals who teach online and face-to-face are expected to perform their teaching duties during non-work hours.
  5. Individuals are required to obtain pre-approval in writing from their supervisor, College Dean in which the course is offered, and VCAA at least 30 days in advance of the publication of the course schedule for the specific term.
  6. Individuals at the level of Dean, Associate Vice Chancellor, and above will not receive additional compensation for teaching, so as to prevent a conflict of interest. These individuals may teach provided they meet requirements 1-5 above.

Approved by Chancellor’s Cabinet 5.9.17

Policy change effective with scheduling for Spring 2018 semester

Non-Faculty Teaching Policy 2017-5-9 (PDF)