Fall 2021 COVID-19 Vaccination Policy for New Hires

Policy Statement

The University of Illinois System requires that all employees (faculty and staff) be fully vaccinated by the beginning of the Fall 2021 semester as set forth in the UIS Vaccination Policy. This Policy supplements the Vaccination Policy by addressing individuals hired by UIS on or after July 27, 2021.


Part A of this Policy applies to the following:

  • Individuals who began working in August of 2021; or
  • Individuals who accepted a job offer between July 27, 2021 and August 23, 2021

Part B of this Policy applies to job offers made after August 23, 2021.


Part A

Individuals who have been hired and are scheduled to begin work in August 2021 and/or individuals who accepted a job offer between July 27, 2021 and August 23, 2021 must show proof that they are fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus no later than September 7, 2021, unless an exemption has been approved.  Individuals will be considered fully vaccinated 14 days after their final dose of an FDA or WHO authorized vaccine.  The individual must upload their vaccination record in Medicat by the deadline.  Individuals who are partially vaccinated before September 7, 2021, must request an extension by contacting aeo@uis.edu.  If an extension is granted, the individual must comply with the mitigation measures set forth below.

Part B

Job offers made on or after August 23, 2021 shall be contingent upon the candidate showing proof they are fully vaccinated or that they have begun the vaccination process prior to their first scheduled day of work.  Individuals must upload proof of vaccination status in Medicat before their first day or work.  Religious and medical exemptions will be considered as set forth below.  Failure of the individual to comply with the vaccination requirement, absent an approved exemption, will result in withdrawal of the contingent offer of employment.

Exemption Requests

Medical and religious exemptions will be considered. Exemption requests will be processed through the UIS AEO Office (aeo@uis.edu). Undergraduate and graduate student employees should submit an employee exemption request if their student/graduate student employment is on campus and they seek to be exempted from the vaccine requirement for medical or religious reasons.

To ensure timely consideration, individuals in Part A must submit exemption request forms to the AEO Office by August 30, 2021. Individuals subject to Part B (offer made after August 23, 2021) should submit their exemption request as soon as practical after receipt of the offer, but no later than seven calendar days after the offer.

Medical: If a medical exemption is requested, the employee must complete the UIS COVID-19 Vaccination Medical Exemption Request Form and provide documentation of medical reasons, date the circumstances requiring the exemption are expected to end (if applicable) and their physician’s signature. Employees must have their exemption request completed and signed by a primary care provider not associated with UIS.

Religious: If an exemption based on religious grounds is requested, the employee must complete the UIS COVID-19 Vaccination Religious Exemption Request Form.


Individuals who are granted an exemption from taking the COVID-19 vaccination, or who receive an extension, must comply with mitigation measures, which include, by may not be limited to, the following:

  1. Twice-a-week on-campus COVID-19 testing (every 72 hours), with negative test results;
  2. Wearing face coverings at all times inside university facilities except in personal offices or residences, and when outside on campus if unable to maintain six feet of distance from others;
  3. Adhering to physical distancing requirements as directed by the university;
  4. Following any internal or external site-specific requirements (including but not limited to on-campus housing, classrooms, intercollegiate athletics, internships, clinical sites, etc.) if participating in a university-sponsored activity.

The number of exemptions granted to UIS employees and/or the trajectory of the pandemic may determine additional restrictions for on-campus activities for unvaccinated individuals with an approved exemption.


Failure to adhere to requirements set forth in this policy may result in significant disciplinary action up to and including dismissal, or, if applicable, withdrawal of the contingent offer of employment.

Approved by Chancellor’s Cabinet: August 19, 2021

Approved by Chancellor: August 20, 2021

Effective date: August 23, 2021

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