Religious Observances – Accommodation of

UIS follows the campus policy adopted on October 6, 1993, to comply with a statutory mandate. The policy is paraphrased below.

The State of Illinois enacted a law [110 IL Comp Stat 110/1], which mandates that all public institutions of higher education adopt a policy requiring the reasonable accommodation of religious observances by students. To comply with this statutory mandate, the administrative policy excerpted below took effect on campus on October 6, 1993.

Reasonable accommodation of the religious observances of individual students will be provided in regard to admissions, class attendance, and the scheduling of examinations and course assignments.

All scheduling of admission and registration, examinations, and assignment dates during a semester should be established with consideration for the possible occurrence of religious observances during the term. Alternative dates for examinations or major assignments and the use of existing mechanisms for the administration of “make-up” tests may be necessary to accommodate students who are unavailable as a result of religious observances.