Course Evaluations: Student Perceptions of the Educational Experience

Each semester, students have the opportunity to complete a “UIS Faculty and Course Evaluation” form for each course in which they are enrolled.  The survey instrument includes questions related to students’ perceptions of the quality of the educational experience and the faculty member’s performance in teaching the course. This process is a part of the campus’ well-established tradition of incorporating student feedback into the evaluation of faculty for reappointment, promotion, and tenure. An online evaluation form is used for courses offered online; instructors may also select online evaluations for courses offered in an on-campus classroom.

Course evaluation packets for administration of paper evaluations are prepared in the Provost’s Office and must be personally picked up by the faculty member within the designated timeframe. In the unlikely event that a faculty member is unable to pick up course evaluation packets personally, he/she may arrange with the provost’s administrative assistant for packets to be picked up by a named designee. Course evaluation packets for adjunct faculty may be picked up by the program/department chair or secretary. Faculty members are expected to check the packets for accuracy of the enrollment count on the day of distribution; any extra evaluation forms should be removed from the packet and not left in the classroom. Course evaluation packets should not be left in unsecured department mail boxes.

The evaluation process is confidential for both online and paper administration.  If paper evaluation forms are used, a student in each class is identified to administer the evaluations, collect the forms, and deposit them in the nearest campus course evaluation lock box. Neither the completed forms nor the printed results of the assessment are seen by the instructor until final grades for the course have been submitted to the Registrar.

Completed paper evaluations are picked up from the lock boxes by Provost’s Office staff.  Results are tabulated for forms completed within the designated timeframe and administered according to the established protocol, and these paper forms are returned to faculty members after grades for the semester have been transmitted to the Registrar.  Summary reports on each course are generated from paper and online course evaluations.  One copy is provided to to the faculty member, and one copy is placed in each faculty member’s personnel file in the Faculty Files Office for use in faculty review processes.

The Faculty Personnel Policy requires that alternative evaluation forms used in place of the standard form be approved by the department/program, dean, and the provost prior to use. In addition to using the required standard evaluations, some faculty, departments, and programs develop and have students administer supplemental evaluations of courses and teaching.

For additional information about standard, alternative, and supplemental course evaluations, see Article 9, Section 3, Paragraphs N and O of the Faculty Personnel Policy.