Copyright Compliance

The Copyright Act of 1976 specifies the exclusive rights of a copyright owner in his or her copyrighted work. The use of copyrighted material in the classroom therefore requires compliance with this Act. The fair use exception to the Act allows teachers to duplicate copyrighted materials to a limited extent for such purposes as criticism, comment, instruction, scholarship, or research.

Since 1996 the campus has used the services of the bookstore to follow copyright compliance procedures for the reproduction and sale of copyrighted content in textual materials assembled by instructors. No materials will be copied or sold without copyright clearance or other written approval from the copyright holder. Procedures for obtaining copyright clearance should begin early as it may take six to eight weeks to secure approval. Instructors who duplicate materials without following these procedures do so at their own risk. In addition, instructors wishing to have such copyrighted materials sold in the bookstore must place the orders directly with Campus Services and provide all original copies.