Faculty and Academic Staff Activity Analysis Report

Each fall and spring semester faculty and academic staff complete activity analysis reports that provide information enabling Institutional Research to prepare data for various campus reporting requirements. This form classifies the activities of faculty, graduate assistants, and other academic staff who are assigned to cost study accounts. The Provost’s Office administers the collection of information for the activity analysis. The data are not related to individual performance nor are they used to assess individual workload. The data are used to compile an analysis by function to meet reporting requirements set by the University of Illinois and the Illinois Board of Higher Education, as well as for special analytical studies. The IBHE uses the information to complete an annual study of costs at Illinois public universities. The information is used to help formulate the annual operation budget for public universities, to assist university administrators in program planning and re-evaluation, to establish a historical reference for the study of changing instructional costs, and to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of post-secondary education. Questions about completing this form should be directed to the dean or division head.