Compensation Schedule

All academic staff members are compensated for services in 12 monthly installments or on a pro rata basis for shorter periods. Services over the academic year (August 16-May 15) are paid over 12 months (August 16-August 15). Certain exceptions allow for compensation for services in nine monthly installments for nine-month academic year service. The exceptions include:

1. All Graduate Assistants on nine-month contracts are required to be paid over nine months and are not allowed to choose a 9/12 payment schedule;

2. Faculty on terminal year contracts are required to be paid on a 9/12 payment schedule;

All other visiting or permanent faculty are required to be paid on a 9/12 payment schedule.

Paydays are scheduled for the 16th of each month. When the 16th day falls on a holiday or on a weekend, the payday occurs on the immediately preceding work day.

Contact the UIS Payroll Office: 217-206-7144

Link to the OBFS Payroll webpage

Link to the System HR “Pay” web page for more information about employee compensation

Updated 12.22.2021