Academic Appointments

Academic Appointment Categories

There are three categories of academic appointees: faculty, academic professionals, and graduate assistants. Included within the faculty are (1) those in the tenured/tenure-track professiorial ranks (i.e., professors, associate professors, and assistant professors); (2) instructors, lecturers, and other academics; and (3) teaching, research, and clinical associates. Academic professionals are those members of the academic staff whose positions have been designated by the president and the chancellor as meeting specialized administrative, professional, or technical needs, in accordance with Article IX of the University of Illinois Statutes. Graduate assistants include teaching, research, and clinical assistants.

Appointment Periods of Service

The terms of appointment service of the academic staff are normally defined as one of the following:

  • the academic year which consists of two semesters (8/16-12/31 and 1/1-5/15);
  • twelve months, including allowable vacation (the 12 months may encompass any 12-month period, but is normally 8/16-8/15);
  • the summer session.

See MY UI Info for Explanation of Service Basis, Standard Period of Service and Period of Payments