Strategic Compass Steering Committee (SCSC) and Teams

Steering Committee

Constituency represented is indicated in parentheses.

  • Dennis R. Papini, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Provost, SCSC co-chair
  • Jorge Villegas, Associate Professor and Chair, Business Administration, SCSC co-chair
  • Sherine Antoun, Assistant Professor, Computer Science / Chair, Faculty Advisory Committee (At-large)
  • Jo Barnard, Business Administrative Associate / President, Civil Service Advisory Council (Civil Service employees)
  • Feng-Shun “Leo” Bin, Professor, Business Administration (College of Business & Management)
  • Roy Brown, Chief of External Affairs, Athletics (At-large)
  • Vickie Cook, Executive Director, Center for Online Learning, Research, & Service; Research Associate Professor, Educational Leadership (At-large)
  • Ann Comerford, Executive Director, Student Union (At-large)
  • Michelle Green, Director of Marketing (At-large)
  • Rassule Hadidi, Professor and Head, Management Information Systems (Chairs/Heads)
  • Karen Hunter Anderson, Executive Director, Illinois Community College Board (Community)
  • James Koeppe, Director of Campus Recreation (Student Affairs)
  • Kay McChesney, Associate Professor, Social Work (College of Education & Human Services)
  • Melissa Mlynski, Senior Director of Human Resources (At-large)
  • Laurel Newman, Executive Director, Center for Academic Success (Academic Professional employees)
  • Jonathon “Garrett” Nimmo, President, Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Kenneth Owen, Assistant Professor, History (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)
  • Sarah Sagmoen, Clinical Assistant Professor, Library Instructional Services (Brookens Library)
  • Robert W. Smith, Dean, College of Public Affairs & Administration (Deans)
  • Ann Strahle, Associate Professor, Communication / Secretary, Campus Senate  (Campus Senate)
  • Megan Styles, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies (College of Public Affairs & Administration)
  • Randall “Randy” Witter, President, Cook-Witter (Alumnus)

Engagement Team (ex-officio)

The primary role of engagement members is to lead listening, study, or review sessions by providing organization and support to the SCSC as requested. Engagement of willing members of the university community in these sessions will help to ensure that the UIS Strategic Compass provides an appropriately broad framework.

  • Robert “Bob” Blankenberger, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education
  • Cecilia Cornell, Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education
  • Keenan Dungey, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research & Institutional Effectiveness
  • Ranjan Karri, Chair, Campus Senate
  • Raymond “Ray” Schroeder, Associate Vice Chancellor for Online Learning

Sustaining Team (ex-officio)

The primary role of sustaining members is to ensure that the UIS Strategic Compass provides an adequate framework for them to prioritize and guide the efforts of their respective areas of responsibility so they are aligned with the Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals of the institution.

  • Clarice Ford, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • Charles “Chuck” Coderko, Associate Chancellor for Administrative Affairs
  • Gerard “Jerry” Joseph, Associate Provost for Budget & Administrative Planning
  • Tulio Llosa, Associate Provost for Information Technology & CIO
  • Jeffrey “Jeff” Lorber, Vice Chancellor for Advancement

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