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About the Center for Organizational and Human Resource Effectiveness (COHRE)

The Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) Center for Organizational and Human Resource Effectiveness (COHRE) is a professional consulting firm with a wide range of human resources expertise including: recruitment and selection; job analysis and performance evaluation; training; strategic planning and leadership development; performance management; organizational development; and related legal issues.

Our senior consultants typically have over 20 years of expertise in the above related areas, and are supplemented by a network of other experienced consulting professionals. Our consultants have worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to public sector organizations at the local, state, and federal levels. Specific examples include Nissan North America, State Farm, U.S. Department of Defense, Procter & Gamble, Tennessee Center for Child Welfare, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, Kroll Background America, Jack Daniels Distillery, Tennessee Small Business Development Center, FedEx Freight, and many others.

We also have extensive experience working with academic clients, particularly regarding strategic planning and organizational development. That includes consulting projects with several colleges and universities from the Tennessee Board of Regents system, as well as with the University of Texas-Dallas and Indiana University Southeast. One of our senior consultants has also served as an Interim Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, and our consultants have also received presidential appointments to multiple strategic planning committees at Middle Tennessee State University.

Our affiliation with Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) enables us to draw from a wide range of high-level specialized expertise. We tailor-construct our project teams to suit our clients’ particular combination of needs. With six Ph.D.’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and an Applied Social Psychologist specializing in work group effectiveness, COHRE represents a rare combination of both breadth and depth of expertise. Our primary senior consultants also serve on the faculty of MTSU’s nationally ranked Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology program. This field essentially consists of human resource management and organizational development. Our link with the university allows us to draw top talent from around the world and keeps us front and center with state-of-the-art
developments in our field.

COHRE seeks to provide all our clients with a partnership for success. We see our clients as long-term partners, rather than short-term business. Many of our clients return to continue their relationship with COHRE and conduct follow-up projects. COHRE is committed to ensuring our clients are provided customized, quality services that help them continuously improve their organization.

Senior Consultants

Michael Hein, Ph.D.

Dr. Hein is a Senior Consultant for the Center for Organizational and Human Resource Effectiveness (COHRE) and a Professor of Psychology at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). He received his Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1990. He has over twenty-five years of experience consulting with clients in a variety of industries on projects regarding job analysis, employee surveys, training needs analysis, onboarding new employees, leadership development, performance appraisal and organizational performance measurement. Some of his past clients include Toshiba, Jack Daniel’s, Eaton, Square-D, SSR, Murfreesboro Police Department, Ingram Books, Rutherford County, Kroll Background America, Tennessee Board of Regents, and Tennessee Small Business Development Center. Dr. Hein has taught in several areas of I/O psychology, research design, and statistics such as job performance and appraisal, training, research methodology and factor analysis. He was awarded the 2016 Career Achievement Award, which is considered the pinnacle of recognition for stellar MTSU professors. His research interests include leadership, best use of training/practice time, the determinants of skilled task performance, and the development of expertise. He has presented numerous papers at professional conventions and meetings. He has published articles in Leadership Quarterly, the Journal of Personality, Group Dynamics, Human Factors, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, and the Journal of Creative Behavior. In addition, he has co-authored book chapters in The Biodata Handbook and Improving Organizational Performance with the Productivity Measurement and Enhancement System: An International Collaboration. He also served as a reviewer for Human Factors and for Human Resource Development Quarterly.

Dr. Hein has served on multiple non-profit boards and provided board training to multiple non-profits. He has also done multiple projects with United Way of Rutherford and Cannon Counties.

He is also a member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and The American Psychological Society.

Patrick McCarthy, Ph.D., J.D.

Dr. McCarthy has over 25 years of experience as an organizational consultant, and has worked with a wide range of organizations in both the public and private sector.

He is a Senior Consultant for the Center for Organizational and Human Resource Effectiveness (COHRE). He previously worked for the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and Development, and with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s Office of Systems Innovation and their Personnel Research and Development Center in Washington, D.C.

Dr. McCarthy’s areas of expertise include organizational development, strategic planning, job analysis, performance appraisal, organizational assessment, leadership, training, group facilitation, organizational structure, organizational change and culture issues, motivation, and legal issues. He has worked with over 60 clients, including FedEx Freight, Nissan, United Way, State Farm Insurance, Proctor and Gamble, Gaylord Entertainment, Tennessee Board of Regents, Pearl Drum Corporation, National Organization for Workforce Diversity, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Defense, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, several academic entities, and many more.

Dr. McCarthy’s experience includes major organizational assessment and strategic redesign projects. He recently led the Tennessee Board of Regents’ assessment of its leadership and systems effectiveness in managing 46 state universities, community colleges, and colleges of applied technology. He also led the assessment and redesign of the Regents’ Online Campus Collaborative (now known as TN eCampus), Tennessee’s primary entity for online education. In the federal sector, Dr. McCarthy was senior manager for the U.S. Department of Energy’s evaluation of the State Energy Program (SEP) for all U.S. states and territories. Previously, he worked for the U.S. Department of Defense to develop a model of organizational performance for innovation-oriented organizations, and conducted job analyses for the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

Dr. McCarthy is a Professor and the Graduate Program Director for Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology at Middle Tennessee State University. He received his Ph.D. in I/O Psychology from George Mason University, and his J.D. from the Nashville School of Law.

Dr. McCarthy is a licensed attorney and a member of the American Bar Association’s Labor and Employment Law Division. He served on the Murfreesboro City Board of Education, and also served on the Leadership Development Executive Board for the Tennessee State Collaborative on Reforming Education.

Richard Moffett, Ph.D.

Dr. Moffett is the Associate Director of the Center for Organizational and Human Resource Effectiveness (COHRE) and serves as a Senior Consultant. He is also a Professor of Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). While at MTSU, Dr. Moffett has taught many courses in areas of I/O psychology including training and development, organizational change and development, organizational psychology, and organizational surveys. He also served as interim Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, assisting with a reorganization of the University. Dr. Moffett received his Ph.D. in I/O psychology from Auburn University, Auburn, AL in 1996.

Dr. Moffett has over 30 years of experience as a consultant to private and public sector organizations, and higher education organizations. Before coming to MTSU in 1992, he worked as a Project Associate with the Office of Vice President for Outreach at Auburn University in which he served as an internal and external human resources consultant. Dr. Moffett also previously served as a Research Psychologist with Litton Computer Services in which he developed and evaluated various training programs for the United States Army at Fort Benning, GA.

Dr. Moffett’s areas of consulting expertise include leadership/management training and development, organizational diagnosis and development, survey design and development, group facilitation, and training development and evaluation. His clients have included Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, Tennessee Department of Transportation, Tennessee Department of Human Resources, Jacobs Sverdrup, United Way, Nuclear Fuel Services, Centerstone Community Mental Health Centers, Tennessee Board of Regents, Teledyne, PREMIER System Integrators, Middle Tennessee State University, Rutherford County Government, and State Farm Insurance. Dr. Moffett has led numerous strategic planning projects for various units in higher education including university division, colleges, and departments.

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