Pause on-campus delivery of on-ground and hybrid classes

Greetings Colleagues,

You just received an email notification that UIS is implementing a two-day pause of its on-campus delivery of on-ground and hybrid courses due to an increase in cases of COVID-19 on campus.  This communication is to follow-up with you and to provide additional information.

This pause is in immediate effect for all on-campus delivery of on-ground and hybrid classes at UIS (as practicable).  Effective at 10:45 AM all on-ground and hybrid classes are immediately suspended for the remainder of the day (and evening) on Tuesday, November 10 and Wednesday, November 11.  On-ground and hybrid classes meeting today and tomorrow should, if possible, be provided remotely.  Additional directions will be provided later tomorrow (Wednesday, November 11 at approximately 4PM) about whether on-ground and hybrid classes will resume or will remain switched to remote delivery for courses on Thursday, November 12.  This pause should not affect classes already being delivered on-line or remotely, which should proceed as scheduled.


Dennis R. Papini
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost