Faculty Personnel Policy – version 8.16.19

An updated version of the UIS Faculty Personnel Policy can be found in the Faculty Policies section of the Academic Staff Handbook

The following changes have been incorporated for Academic Year 2019-20:

Resolution 48-15 – Reduction in the Minimum Time to Apply for Promotion for Non-Tenure Track Faculty

  • Article 6, Section 5, Subsection B

Resolution 48-16 – Clarification of Performance Standards in Combination for Promotion and Tenure, and Period of Performance Under Evaluation

  • Article 6, Sections 1, 2, and 3
  • Article 7, Section 2

Resolution 48-17 – Elimination of Ex Officio Capacity of Deans on Post Tenure Review Committee

  • Article 13, Section 3, Subsection E

Resolution 48-2 Modification of Article 2, Uniform Personnel Committee Operating and Election Procedures (Section 3, Subsection B, Subsubsection 2, paragraph 4) was to take effect immediately after the October 12, 2018 Campus Senate Meeting, and an updated version of the UIS Faculty Personnel Policy incorporating these changes was published on 10.15.18.