COVID-19 Spring grading

Important Information for FACULTY/STAFF Regarding Spring 2020 Grading

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented circumstances for University of Illinois Springfield’s students, faculty, and staff.  In recognition of these challenges, UIS leadership (in consultation with the Campus Senate) has decided to expand grading options for students by allowing credit/no credit grading for all courses rather than just a select few.  This change is for the Spring 2020 semester only.

An email will soon be sent to students by the Registrar explaining the process to select credit/no credit grading, along with some important points they should consider before converting to credit/no credit.  You will be copied on that communication for your information.

This email is being sent with specific information for faculty and staff.

Credit/No Credit Grading Explanation (as taken from the current UIS catalog): Credit is awarded under this option to undergraduate work that represents a grade of C or better (grades of C- will not be accepted) or to graduate work that represents a grade of B or better (grades of B- will not be accepted). For lesser work, a grade of NC is recorded on the transcript. Courses taken for credit/no credit are not included in calculating the cumulative grade point average.

Grading: The process faculty will follow when submitting their grades will not change due to the expansion of credit/no credit grading.  Faculty will submit the letter grade a student has earned and (if the student has selected credit/no credit grading) that grade will be converted based upon the policy above to either a grade of CR or NC.

Grading Deadline: The deadline by which all full-term and last-half grades must be submitted to the Office of Records and Registration will remain Noon on Wednesday, May 13.
The deadline for students to withdraw or change grading option for one or more full-term or last-half courses is Friday, April 24 and no changes will be allowed after that date.  Please direct any questions to the Office of Records and Registration by email ( or phone (217/206-6174).

Dennis R. Papini
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost

Ann Strahle
Campus Senate Chair

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