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Important information for faculty

Follett is the operator of the UIS Bookstore, as the contract between the University and Follett reads:

“The University of Illinois Springfield contract with Follett provides them with the exclusive rights, with respect to bookstores serving the University’s Springfield campus, free from any alternative bookstore source endorsed, licensed or otherwise approved or supported by the University (whether on campus, by catalog or through electronic commerce, including hyperlinks to alternative sources) to buy, sell, distribute (including the right to select vendors) merchandise and services traditionally offered in college and university bookstores…  Follett also has the right of first refusal to fulfill any distance learning instructional and ancillary materials required by the Springfield campus of the University of Illinois.”

As per Federal law (Higher Education Opportunities Act Section 133), Faculty/Staff must submit their textbook and/or course material requirements to the bookstore in a timely manner before the semester, including ISBN number etc.

This means that faculty and staff may not direct students to any other source or provide links to any other source other than the UIS Bookstore for their course texts and materials.

Follett liberally supports department and university programming, events and other student functions. Follett provides department discounts of some purchases as well as student and employee special discounts through-out the academic year.  Follett’s new price match program allows students to pay the lowest price for textbooks by matching prices found on Amazon, Chegg, B&N and others.  Follett offers books purchased digitally, new, used and through its rental program. UIS commissions received from Follett support student activities on campus.


(e) AVAILABILITY OF INFORMATION FOR COLLEGE BOOKSTORES.— An institution of higher education receiving Federal financial assistance shall make available to a college bookstore that is operated by, or in a contractual relationship or otherwise affiliated with, the institution, as soon as is practicable upon the request of such college bookstore, the most accurate information available regarding— ‘‘(1) the institution’s course schedule for the subsequent academic period; and ‘‘(2) for each course or class offered by the institution for the subsequent academic period— ‘‘(A) the information required by subsection (d)(1) for each college textbook or supplemental material required or recommended for such course or class; ‘‘(B) the number of students enrolled in such course or class; and ‘‘(C) the maximum student enrollment for such course or class. ‘‘(f) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.—An institution disclosing the information required by subsection (d)(1) is encouraged to disseminate to students information regarding— ‘‘(1) available institutional programs for renting textbooks or for purchasing used textbooks; ‘‘(2) available institutional guaranteed textbook buy-back programs; ‘‘(3) available institutional alternative content delivery programs; or ‘‘(4) other available institutional cost-saving strategies.

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