Applications and Portfolios

Faculty who will be applying for tenure, promotion, or reappointment during Academic Year 2019-2020 are especially encouraged to become familiar with this information related to applications and accompanying portfolios.


Only complete tenure/reappointment/promotion applications will be accepted by the Faculty Files Office.

In addition to the portfolio, application materials submitted to the Faculty Files Custodian must include the following:

  • Application Narrative
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Log of Portfolio Contents (separate from that included with the portfolio)

A copy of the narrative must also be submitted to the Department Personnel Committee (DPC), or to the Department Chair/Head if no personnel committee exists.

Due dates can be found in the Academic Personnel Calendar (PDF)

Portfolio Log

A log of portfolio contents must accompany all reappointment, tenure, and promotion applications. The log constitutes an official record of the portfolio and is added to the personnel file [Faculty Personnel Policy, Article 1, Section 8.].  Applications will not be accepted without an accompanying log of portfolio contents.

View the Porfolio Log Review Form & Application Checklist (PDF)

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Updated 7.1.19