NIA Types

View the list of Non-Instructional Assignment types and sub-categories that may be selected on the current UIS NIA Request Form. If you are uncertain of which NIA Type would be most appropriate for your assignment, please contact Monica Kroft


  • Department Head
  • Department Chair
  • Academic Program Director: Select this option if you will be directing an academic degree program, such as Theatre or Public Affairs Reporting (as opposed to an academic department)
  • Other (please describe): Select this option for activities such as Speech & Debate Coach, GIS Lab Director, Pre-Law Center Director, Remedial Math Coordinator, Writing Program Director.

Curricululm/Program Development or Review

  • Accreditation Cycle/Self-Study
  • Curriculum Development/Assessment
  • Program Development
  • Program Review
  • Other (please describe)

Dissertation/Master’s Closure Chair

  • Dissertation Chair: Provide student name and academic program
  • Master’s Closure (Thesis/Project) Chair: List names of students whose Master’s thesis/project committee you chaired
  • Other (describe)


  • New faculty research NIA: Select this option if you are a first-year faculty member granted an NIA to develop your research agenda
  • Post-Tenure Review research NIA: Select this option if your request is a result of a recommendation by your PTR Committee
  • Department/College-sponsored research: Select this option for scholarly enhancement grants and other department- or college-sponsored research
  • Grant-sponsored research: Select this option for externally-funded research
  • Other (describe)


  • UIS Service: Select this option for internal UIS service, and list committee/council name and your role; e.g., Campus Senate Chair, Faculty Athletic Representative)
  • Public Service: Select this option if your expertise and/or other UIS resources are being deployed to benefit an external community, and identify the public/community population served and your role. Includes activities such as professional journal editing and community health education.

Link to instructions with screenshots from the online form to assist in gathering required information.

Link to the NIA Request Form AY 19-20