Non-Instructional Assignment Requests

NIA Request Process

  • Faculty initiate NIA requests for the coming academic year (fall and spring semesters) according to college deadlines.
  • All proposed NIAs for the coming academic year, with descriptive plan, must be completed and submitted by current faculty members, acted upon by the Department Chair/Head, and routed to the Dean for consideration.
  • All Dean-approved NIA requests must be routed to the Provost for review and decision no later than July 1 for current faculty, and September 1 for new faculty.
  • No NIAs will be placed on the calendar unless/until approved.
  • NIA Report links will be sent to all faculty with approved NIAs on December 1 for fall NIAs (electronic reports due by January 15) and May 1 for spring NIAs (electronic reports due by June 1). Note: Department Chair/Head Reports are made directly to the Dean. Reports are not required for Dissertation/Master’s Closure NIAs. Faculty with these NIA types will not receive a report link.

Link to instructions and screenshots to preview the online form

Link to descriptions of NIA types, with examples

Link to NIA Request Form AY 20-21

Link to NIA Request Form AY 21-22

Questions regarding the NIA process may be directed to Monica Kroft,

Questions regarding NIA details should be directed to the Dean’s Office.