Tenure Recognition 2020

About Tenure

Academic tenure is a very rare gift of freedoms and responsibilities entrusted to those who have demonstrated sustained academic and professional performance commensurate with high standards.  It is the first substantial and high-stakes professional challenge, for the burden of proof lies with the candidate – something that all of those here who have been recommended for tenure know well.   In order to be eligible for tenure at the University of Illinois Springfield, candidates must demonstrate and document a clear record of probationary performance that is consistent with the essential marks of the teacher-scholar model.  Those marks are (1) a deep commitment to excellence in the art and science of teaching; (2) a lasting commitment to ongoing productive engagement with one’s discipline through inquiry, research, and peer-reviewed scholarship; and (3) a collegial commitment to professional service that will sustain the ideals of our twin professions and the communities within which we live and work.

Those recommended for tenure and recognized today are wonderful exemplars of the teacher-scholar model and the high standards for tenure at UIS; each has made a range of substantive contributions.

Thank you: Tenure Review Committee

Sincere thanks to members of the Tenure Review Committee for their work this year:

  • Missy Thibodeaux-Thompson, TRC Chair
  • Adriana Crocker
  • Eric Hadley-Ives
  • Ranjan Karri
  • Jim Klein
  • Chung-wei Lee

Faculty recommended for tenure are listed by college, below. Tenure recommendations are pending final approval by the Board of Trustees at the July 2020 meeting.

College of Business & Management

Tenure introductions by Dean Som Bhattacharya

Ahmad Juma’h

Head and shoulders formal photo of Ahmad Juma'h

Ahmad Juma’h earned a Ph.D. in Accounting & Finance from Manchester University, UK, in 1999.  He joined the UIS faculty in the Fall of 2017 as an Associate Professor in the Department of Accountancy.

Professor Ahmad Juma’h has taught seven different courses at UIS, including graduate and undergraduate courses, and independent tutorials. His teaching reflects a strong willingness to: (a) adjust to student needs and learning differences; (b) learn new content/strategies that will better contribute to student learning and content relevance; and (c) continually connect learning with real-world applications. Professor Juma’h is also committed to his own continuing education, learning new technologies to better prepare his courses in Data Analytics. Professor Juma’h’s teaching is best characterized by a commitment to students and technology while being grounded in diversity and relationships.

Dr. Juma’h’s scholarship has been relevant, related, and robust. In the two years since arriving at UIS, he published three articles in peer-reviewed journals recognized by the Australian Business Deans Council and presented at two peer-reviewed international conferences. Overall, across his decades-long academic career, Professor Juma’h has published nine peer-reviewed articles and written three books.

Dr. Juma’h’s departmental and college service includes the Faculty Development Committee, College Curriculum Assurance of Learning Committee, chairing two search committees and serving on another. He also contributed to the College’s ongoing preparations for reaccreditation. At the University level, Professor Juma’h’s service highlights include a task force charged with exploring software for faculty portfolios, scholarly interest groups, and the Committee on Assessment of Student Learning. Furthermore, he was a valued contributor to the early university efforts at exploring the Faculty Development Resource Office. Professor Juma’h continues to serve his profession by providing his expertise as a reviewer of articles and textbooks.

Dean Bhattacharya invites you to join him in congratulating Dr. Juma’h!

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Tenure introductions by Interim Dean Mike Lemke

Jae Ha

Head and shoulders formal photo of Jae Ha

Jae Ha earned a Ph.D. in Mass Communication from Indiana University Bloomington in 2013.  He joined the UIS faculty in the Fall of 2014 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication.

Professor Ha has taught twelve different courses at UIS, including five he developed for the communication major. He approaches teaching as a facilitator of learning. Professor Ha motivates students by applying a wide range of pedagogical methods. In-class exercises, participation, and peer critique instill responsibility in his students. Dr. Ha encourages diversity of thought and critical thinking through practical application of concepts and use of practitioner guest speakers. In addition, Dr. Ha routinely offers to guest lecture in his colleagues’ classes. Dr. Ha won an award from the Association for Educators in Journalism and Mass Communication in recognition of his teaching efforts.

A prolific scholar, Dr. Ha has published 16 peer-reviewed journal articles and one book chapter. His research is focused on the comparative work of media systems across the globe. He conducted several qualitative analyses of texts in the news to analyze the media’s framing of issues within significant events such as the Arab Spring and US presidential elections. The knowledge he contributes to the academic field is also disseminated in his courses.

Dr. Ha believes he has a deep obligation to give back to the community. As a faculty advisor, he toils with student journalists to improve the UIS student newspaper. He actively contributes to improve and enhance the department’s curriculum, serves as college privacy and security liaison, and is a member of the university Academic Technology Committee. Dr. Ha also reviews journal submissions in his field. A native of South Korea, Dr. Ha helps American families who adopted children from Korea, supervises Korean proficiency exams, and helped established the Korean Students Association in Springfield.

Interim Dean Mike Lemke invites you to join him in congratulating Dr. Ha!

College of Public Affairs & Administration

Tenure Introductions by Dean Bob Smith, who invites you to join him in congratulating his faculty recommended for tenure.

Tyrone Dooley

Formal head-and-shoulders photo of Ty DooleyTyrone (Ty) Dooley earned a Ph.D. in Public Policy-Community Development from the University of Arkansas in 2010. He rejoined the UIS faculty in the Fall of 2019 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Administration.

Professor Dooley has taught seven different graduate and undergraduate courses. He Professor encourages “collaborative opportunities within the learning environment” and promotes “critical thinking among students.” He emphasizes the importance of applied learning and effective writing in his courses.  Professor Dooley continually develops his teaching capability by attending teaching and mentoring conferences and workshops.

Professor Dooley’s research focuses on human capital development among populations at the margins of society.  He has published five peer-reviewed journal articles: three as sole author and two as first author, and three professional reports. His conference presentations include two at the Southern Political Science Association Annual Meeting. The department recognized his article “Evaluating Social Cognitive Theory in Action: An Assessment of the Youth Development Program’s Impact on Secondary Student Retention in Selected Mississippi Delta Communities” (published in Youth & Society) as particularly impressive.

Professor Dooley’s strong record of service includes MPA program director from 2015 to 2017. He also played an important role in obtaining the program’s NASPAA accreditation. Professor Dooley served the college on the CPAA executive committee and as chair of the curriculum committee. At the university level, he served on the Campus Senate Committee on Diversity, Equal Rights, Opportunity, and Access. He also helped plan the Children and Poverty Conference in 2017, and he has been an active ECCE speaker on the topic of racial violence and “Black Lives Matter” programs. In the professional community, Professor Dooley has been an editorial board member for the Journal of Midsouth Political Science Review since 2013. In addition, he served as a reviewer for three other journals, including Youth & Society.

Anne-Marie Hanson

Formal head-and-shoulders photo of Anne-Marie Hanson

Anne-Marie Hanson earned a Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Arizona Tucson in 2013.  She joined the UIS faculty in the Fall of 2014 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Studies.

Professor Hanson takes a practical approach to teaching science, engaging students to do science rather than just learning about it – such as involving undergraduate students in data collection at Lake Springfield, Anderson Lake, and the Emiquon Preserve. Professor Hanson also mentors students on sustainable development, environmental policy, and environmental justice.

Dr. Hanson’s scholarship focuses on sustainable development and contributes to feminist geography and feminist political ecology. Her co-edited book, for which she authored three chapters, A Political Ecology of Women, Water, and Global Environmental Change, received honors from the Association of American Geographers. In addition, Dr. Hanson has authored four peer-reviewed articles, written four reports for the United Nations, and co-presented at the UN Headquarters for UN World Ocean Day in 2019. Dr. Hanson has presented her work at the Association of American Geographers, and the Midwest Association for Latin American Studies, and she was selected as a University of Illinois Public Voices Fellow in The OpEd Project for 2019-2020. An active grant seeker, Dr. Hanson recently received a seed grant from the Discovery Partners Institute: “Activating the Center for Urban Resilience and Environmental Sustainability” (CURES).

As a member of the Discovery Partners Institute (DPI) Culture and Society working group, Professor Hanson helped establish the DPI guiding ethical principles. She has also served on the Campus Sustainability Committee and Campus Senate, on the Senate Executive Committee since 2018, as a member of the DPA program, on the College-Level Personnel Committee, and as acting department chair in the summer of 2018. Dr. Hanson has served her profession as a specialist consultant and peer-reviewer for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), manuscript reviewer for several international journals, and editor of Journal of Latin American Geography.

Sibel Oktay Karagul

Formal head-and-shoulders photo of Sibel Oktay KaragulSibel Oktay Karagul earned a Ph.D. in Political Science from Syracuse University in 2014.  She joined the UIS faculty in the Fall of 2014 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science.

Professor Karagul works to keep her classes fresh, updating her course content with references to current events. Her efforts to improve her teaching include incorporating more technology and techniques that respond to student dynamics and comments. She uses guest lecturers, gives students feedback on their work, and provides each class with weekly wrap-up e-mails. She strives to provide her students with tools for learning, and students have complimented her for making a difference in their learning abilities and self-awareness. In addition to teaching, Professor Karagul has served on 15 master’s closure projects and three DPA dissertation committees, and she has supervised seven independent studies. Professor Oktay Karagul developed and teaches a course for the DPA program, and she has also taught for the undergraduate honors program.

Dr. Oktay Karagul’s scholarship since coming to UIS includes five peer-reviewed articles, a peer-reviewed book chapter, and 14 papers delivered at scholarly conferences. Her book, Governing Abroad: Coalition Politics and Foreign Policy in Europe, is now under contract with the University of Michigan Press. Also impressive is her selection as a Public Voices Program Fellow; through which articles published in E-International Relations and The Conversation have gained wider attention through re-publishing in The Huffington Post and The New Republic.

Professor Oktay Karagul’s service philosophy is “giving back to the professional community and the public”.  She is a manuscript reviewer for Oxford University Press and eight peer-reviewed scholarly journals. She serves the Midwest Political Science Association and the International Studies Association (in its Foreign Policy Analysis section). She has also been involved in preparing and evaluating DPA qualifying exams, served on the Global Studies Advisory Board, and now serves as a co-director of the Global Studies Program.

Megan Styles

Head-and-shoulders photo of Megan Styles in her officeMegan Styles earned a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Washington in 2011.  She joined the UIS faculty in the Spring of 2014 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Studies.

Professor Styles’ teaching offers students an opportunity to understand sustainability and develop skills in finding solutions to environmental problems. Her teaching philosophy emphasizes student engagement through efforts to bring about systematic change. She encourages her students to reflect on how they learn and how their academic learning connects to their lives. Professor Styles uses several pedagogical techniques that exemplify student-focused approaches. A thoughtful educator and diligent advisor, she is always thinking about what she can do to improve student learning and success.

Professor Styles’ abilities for getting things done and solving problems has a high impact on the campus community and beyond, as evidenced by her work on the Campus Senate’s Sustainability Committee and the UIS Green Fee Committee. She has served on search committees, the Campus Senate, the UIS Strategic Compass Steering Committee, the Climate Action Planning Subcommittee, and she supervises the Campus Sustainability Projects Coordinators. Her high-quality service includes work on the Discovery Partners Institute and the University of Illinois Strategic Plan Steering Committee. The local non-profit Sustainable Springfield Incorporated has recognized her quality work with an award for outstanding leadership in sustainability.

Dr. Styles’ scholarly contributions center around issues of sustainability and practical problems of engaging people in sustainable practices. She is a co-editor of the journal Culture, Agriculture, Food, & Environment. She has published through the University of Washington Press a significant book on the anthropology of economic and social development related to floriculture (Roses from Kenya), which has been highly praised by experts in her field. She has collaborated with colleagues on research projects, won an external and an internal grant to support her scholarship, and prepared book chapters, conference presentation papers, and a book review.

Adam Williams

Formal head-and-shoulders photo of Adam WIlliamsAdam Williams earned a Ph.D. in Public Administration from Florida Atlantic University in 2014.  He joined the UIS faculty in the Fall of 2016 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Administration.

Professor Williams teaches primarily graduate and doctoral courses for the department. His teaching philosophy focuses on students as individuals, and he addresses their needs and concerns. Professor Williams goes beyond the traditional approach, utilizing various modes of engagement such as short lectures, group activities, discussions, and work outside of the classroom. As Director of the MPA program, he has streamlined the advising process for 88 advisees and 64 incoming students. He has also chaired four dissertation committees, in addition to serving as co-chair and member of numerous other dissertation committees.

Dr. Williams’ ambitious scholarship and research activities and products involve public procurement research, public affairs education research, and voice, collaboration and networks research. He has published in well-respected journals in his field and presented at numerous national and international conferences. Furthermore, his numerous co-authored publications attest to his excellent collaborative work with fellow scholars. Professor Williams is also an active reviewer for numerous journals.

Professor Williams’ service philosophy echoes the theme of improvement, specifically his desire to help improve the university, the community, and the academy. He created five new courses for the department’s new Certificate in Public Procurement Management, chaired a search committee, and took on the directorship of the MPA program. In addition to serving on the DPA committee, the Executive Committee, and as chair of the Curriculum Committee; Professor Williams has been elected to the Campus Senate for two terms. His service also includes activities related to his profession, including serving as an external reviewer for Lindenwood University’s MPA and BAPA programs, and being invited to serve as one of two academic non-voting advisees for the National Institute of Governmental Purchasers.

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