Faculty Search and Position Requests

Requests to approve per-course (adjunct) faculty

Adjunct Approval Requests are submitted whenever the department/unit wishes to:

  • hire a new adjunct for an upcoming semester,
  • add someone to the approved adjunct pool, for potential future hire, or
  • add courses to the approved course list for someone already in the department/unit approved adjunct pool.

Important note: Those who wish to be considered for adjunct positions must submit application materials to the Adjunct Recruitment folder in Box.¬† Only those who have submitted complete application materials are eligible for consideration as new hires or additions to the approved adjunct pool. If you do not have access to your unit’s Box folder, please contact Monica Kroft.

The online form can be accessed at: https://go.uis.edu/aar

Requests for full-time (academic year appointment) faculty positions

  1. The process of filling a full-time faculty position at UIS begins with a consultation between Department and Dean.
  2. Once the Dean has given the preliminary go-ahead, the Department Chair/Head initiates the Faculty Position Request (FPR) online form.
  3. The online form will require the past three years’ enrollment data for courses to be taught by the proposed position. Download an Excel spreadsheet template to complete, and upload the course enrollment data at the appropriate point in the online form.
  4. A preview document with screenshots of FPR form fields is available to assist Department Chairs/Heads in preparing to complete the online form.
  5. Forms are routed to the Dean for a recommendation, and then to the Provost for final decision.
  6. Department Chair/Head and Dean receive an email notification when the Provost has taken action on the request.
  7. Administrative Assistant to the Provost initiates the Hire Touch process to fill approved faculty positions.
  8. While the position requisition (fiscal authorization) is routing for Hire Touch approvals, the search plan may be drafted so it will be ready for upload by the Assistant to the Dean once the Hire Touch position requisition has been approved.


Link to Faculty Search resource folder

Faculty Search resources include lists of Search Chair and Search Committee responsibilities, and a Faculty Search Plan template with current job posting language.

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