Annual Academic Unit Review


Faculty currently engage in two academic program review processes at UIS.

  1. Academic departments typically undergo self-study and review on an eight-year cycle based on Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) guidelines. Read more about the program review process and guidelines, and view the program review schedule.
  2. Department faculty also take part in an annual academic dashboard review. The University System’s¬†Academic Unit Review (AUR) data system manages the capture and reporting of dashboard metrics to allow very different programs to be compared and contrasted across a range of key indicators. These dashboard metrics provide a common foundation for multiple levels of review by academic departments, deans, a campus-level advisory committee (Annual Academic Unit Review Faculty Advisory Committee, or AAURFAC), and the provost.

University Process Timeline

  • AAURFAC prep meeting (fall or early spring)
  • Orientation (if needed) for department chairs/heads, deans, and AAURFAC members
  • Review of dashboard data
  • Department plans/reports due to deans via online form
  • Deans’ comments due to provost via online form; provost shares with AAURFAC
  • AAURFAC recommendations due to provost
  • Provost summarizes findings and next steps

Link to AAURFAC member list

UIS Academic Unit Reviews – AY 14 15 orientation (PDF)

View feedback from AY 14-15 Academic Unit Review process (PDF)