Tenure Review Committee (TRC)

Tenure Review Committee Membership Criteria

“The Tenure Review Committee (TRC) shall consist of seven (7) tenured faculty members elected at large by campus-wide vote of faculty members for staggered three (3) year terms. No more than two (2) faculty members may be from the same College. No more than one (1) faculty member may be from the same department.” – Faculty Personnel Policy, Article 2, Section 3. A. 4.

AY 19-20 Tenure Review Committee Members

At-large members

  • Adriana Crocker (CPAA-PSC, expires 21/22)
  • Eric Hadley-Ives (CEHS-SWK, expires 19/20)
  • Ranjan Karri (CBM-MGT, expires 21/22)
  • Jim Klein (CEHS-HDC, expires 20/21)
  • Chung-wei Lee (CLAS-CSC, expires 20/21)
  • Missy Thibodeaux-Thompson, TRC Chair (CLAS-AMT, expires 19/20)
  • Vacant (expires 21/22)