Campus Sabbatical and Awards Committee (CSAC)

Campus Sabbatical & Awards Committee Membership Criteria

“The CSAC shall consist of one (1) tenured faculty member elected from each College, one (1) student elected by the Student Government Association (SGA), and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs as an ex-officio, non-voting member. The faculty members will serve staggered two (2) year terms and the student will serve a one (1) year term.” – Faculty Personnel Policy, Article 2, Section 3. A. 5.

AY 19-20 Campus Sabbatical & Awards Committee Members

College-based members

  • Denise Bockmier-Sommers (CEHS, expires 19/20)
  • Roya Gholami (CBM, expires 19/20)
  • Carrie Switzer, CSAC Chair (CLAS, expires 20/21)
  • Vacant (CPAA, expires 20/21)

Ex-officio, non-voting member

  • Dennis Papini, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Provost