Budget Model Implementation Committee – Division of Academic Affairs


Provost Dennis Papini has established the Budget Model Implementation Committee to follow up on the work of the Budget Process Design Task Force for the Division of Academic Affairs.

1. Develop a budget letter with instructions informing departments how to transmit budget requirements and priorities.

2. Work with ITS to develop an electronic form and web page to capture required fields in a proposal, and work with ITS to ensure the form and web page meet the spirit and specifications of these recommendations.

3. Assist the Associate Provost for Budget and Administrative Planning to authorize an Information Technology Services staff person to access My-UI-Financials for every department in the Division of Academic Affairs.

4. Assist the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research & Institutional Effectiveness to authorize the release of dashboard metrics for publication on the budget model web page.

5. Determine how best to engage deans, department chairs, and department heads to participate in the new budget model.

6. Direct Information Technology Services to publish the various program-level reports of allocations, expenditures, projections, and performance outcomes along with information about the proposals submitted to deans and their status on a web page accessible by the campus community.

7. Engage the Campus Planning and Budget Committee (CPBC) to provide workshops explaining the new budget process to departments early in the fall each year.

8. Identify responsible party to plan and hold budget hearings in February each year.

9. Present to the Provost your recommendations on any remaining issues that will need to be determined prior to implementation.


  • Gerard (Jerry) Joseph, Committee Chair
  • Donna Haynes
  • Ken Kriz
  • Kathy Petitte Novak
  • Robert W. Smith
  • Aaron Stewart
  • Mohammed Uddin

Link to the Budget Process Design Task Force web page