Black History Month 2019 – Ad hoc Academic Programming Committee

Provost’s Charge

Prepare academic program recommendation for spring 2019 with accompanying budget request, for integration with other Black History Month university programming.

Committee Members

  • Dorine Brand (Public Health)
  • Navie Fields (Diversity Center)
  • Devin Hunter (History)
  • Kamau Kemayo (African-American Studies, Liberal & Integrative Studies)
  • Roxanne Kurtz (Philosophy)​
  • Roberto Rincón (Political Science)
  • Pamela Salela (Library)
  • Tiffani Saunders (Sociology/Anthropology, African-American Studies)
  • Hinda Seif (Sociology/Anthropology, Women & Gender Studies), committee chair
  • Sarah Webb (ENG)


Charged May 2, 2018