In 2017, UIS engaged the Center for Organizational and Human Resource Effectiveness (COHRE) at Middle Tennessee State University to design and conduct the process for engaging and collecting UIS stakeholders’ input to ultimately produce new mission, vision, values, directional pillars and an overarching strategic goal. Following months of individual and focus-group interviews and anonymous surveys, COHRE consultants presented their findings during the Fall 2018 semester.

The UIS Strategic Compass Steering Committee (SCSC) took the COHRE recommendations and spent Fall 2018 engaging the campus in the development of the new UIS mission, vision and values statements based on the report’s findings and stakeholder feedback. Upon review by Chancellor Koch, the statements were approved in January 2019. Together with the overarching strategic goal and four directional pillars identified by COHRE, these new mission, vision and values statements will guide the University’s decision-making and goal-setting over the next decade.

The New UIS Strategic Compass

Overarching Strategic Goal

UIS strives to provide a premier educational experience.

Directional Pillars

UIS will achieve its potential by setting goals that are guided by four directional pillars:

  • World-class Teaching
  • Personal Attention
  • Experience Engaged
  • Liberal Arts Skilled

Next Steps

Throughout the Spring 2019 semester, every division—at the direction of its division leadership—will engage in goal-setting activities to align planning efforts with the new Strategic Compass. Planning resources will be provided online and via division heads as they become available.

View the full COHRE report (PDF)