Legal Notices

Electronic versions of documents or statements that appear on the website are for convenience and accessibility and are believed to be current at the time of posting.

However, the official copies of such documents are kept in written format by the Board of Trustees at the Board office or at the appropriate campus office. In case of any discrepancy between an electronic version and the official written version, the official written version shall be deemed definitive.

Web Privacy Notice: Unless otherwise noted, UIS websites adhere to the University of Illinois Web Privacy Notice.

Read a complete copy of the web privacy notice.

Some pages on the UIS website utilize a technology known as Google Analytics. This technology places “cookies” on user computers that allow us to gather general statistics regarding how our website is used. For example, if we know what browsers and screen resolution our users have, we are better able to design web pages that suit our users. Also, if we see that few people use a particular link or page, then we can remove it from our site. The statistics we gather are aggregate. We do not retain any specific information about a particular user.

Permanent Cookie Disclosure Statement:

A permanent cookie is being created on several pages of the UIS website, including the campus home page. Cookies are small pieces of data stored by a web browser on a user’s computer. The value of creating a permanent cookie is that the cookie allows UIS to capture aggregate information about the number of users who come to our site, the types of browsers and screen resolution they use, and other information that allows us to better serve our users. With this information we are able to create and maintain web pages that work correctly for the vast majority of users, including users with particular web accessibility needs. There is no other use of the cookie beyond these purposes.