FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                      Date:  May 30, 2001

                                                                                      Contact:  Lezli Austen

UIS offers registration for classes over the Internet

SPRINGFIELD – The University of Illinois at Springfield is now offering registration for classes over the Internet. Dedicated to providing better service for all students, online registration is open to any student who has applied to and been accepted by UIS.

“Online registration was piloted by the management information systems and public administration programs for the spring 2001 semester and became available for all students beginning with registration for the summer semester,” said Terry Powell, administrative information system consultant.  Powell coordinated the project involving the purchase of a new server and software to run the application.

“As of May 14 our online registrations totaled over 21 percent for the summer term and over 22 percent for the fall semester,” said UIS registrar Diane Long. “A distinct advantage to this process is that large numbers of students can register at the same time.”

“Web registration is convenient, changes are easy to make, and students can view their registration online,” added Long. Online registration is available during the same hours as UIS’ touchtone registration, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., through UIS’ home page at or directly at .

An evaluation form is included on the web so that students may record their level of satisfaction with the new registration process. Student suggestions for improvements will be reviewed and changes made where appropriate. Among the many comments already received, students have remarked on the “excellent web site with easily understood directions and links.” Other comments include “Registration has never been easier,” “No busy signal with this method,” and “Thank you . . . I appreciate being able to register online.”

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