FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                  Date:  May 7, 2001

                                                                        Contact:  Lezli Austen

WUIS to give away CDs to parents of newborn children

SPRINGFIELD – WUIS (91.9 Springfield)/WIPA (89.3 Pittsfield) will give new mothers and fathers a special gift — music for their newborn child — beginning on Mother’s Day, May 13, and continuing through Father’s Day, June 17. The CDs will be distributed to new parents in hospitals in Jacksonville, Springfield, Lincoln, Taylorville, and Decatur.

Karen Lynne Deal, music director of the Illinois Symphony Orchestra, helped compile the selections featured on the CD “Listen, Learn, and Grow Lullabies.” The series “Listen, Learn, and Grow” on the Naxos label was designed to stimulate and inspire young minds and includes works by Brahms, Mozart, and other famous composers.

“The first rhythm a baby hears is the steady, gentle beat of its mother’s heart and the first melody is that of her comforting voice,” said Deal. “The lullaby or cradle song is a quiet composition found in the folk music of all countries for many centuries. It simulates a rocking motion by using a gentle, cyclical accompaniment pattern over which a beautiful melody is sung or played. Indeed, lullabies were the first songs Anna Marie Mozart and Lea Salomon Mendelssohn sang to their sons Wolfgang and Felix.”

Scientific research has verified that the ear is the first organ to be fully functional — over five months before birth. Some classical music has had positive effects when played for newborns and older children. Parts of the brain more involved in mathematics and abstract reasoning respond more quickly and are strengthened by the melodies of classical music.

The Meredith Foundation, established by Maurice M. Meredith, born in Beardstown, has provided funds for this project. Meredith was inspired by the idea that music could play a vital role in nurturing the human soul. For more information about this project, contact WUIS/WIPA at (217) 206-6516.

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