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The state-of-the-art UIS Recreation and Athletic Center will include a 3,000-seat gymnasium capable of expanding to a 4,000-seat performance arena. Construction will be complete summer 2007.

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Photos by Will Vautrain


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View of the Rec Center, south of University Hall. West side of the Rec Center. Another view of the Rec Center. Looking through the racquetball court, into the north lobby. Construction workers use a ladder to climb to the second floor.
The indoor running track extends over the north lobby. A view of the multi-purpose room, from the north lobby. A view of the indoor running track. The main concourse. A view of the gymnasium.
The main concourse, as seen from the south entrance. A view of the east wing stairway. Sparks can be seen dropping from welding work on the second floor. A mass of framing around the racquetball court. Impressive windows span two levels in the north lobby. Sparks fly as welding performed on the second level.
Plumbing in the east wing. Work in progress in the men's locker room. Giant gas heaters are used to keep construction workers relatively warm. The outside temperature was about 12 F during this photo shoot. The main concourse and gymnasium, as seen from west of the Rec Center. Beams of light shine through temporary insulation in the gymnasium, blocking some of the winter cold.