Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies

The graduate certificate consists of 8-12 hours of graduate electives and completion of WGS 501*. Students must also meet with a faculty advisor from WGS.

This certificate is designed to enable students to develop a graduate-level understanding of sex, gender, and sexuality, with an emphasis on women and sexual minorities. It may be incorporated into a graduate degree or taken as a freestanding certificate without pursuing a master’s degree.

The certificate will be particularly valuable in preparing students for careers which require expertise on gender and sexuality. These include the broad areas of law and advocacy, healthcare and medicine, social work, education, counseling, human relations and resources, and government or public service. As the workplace and public life becomes increasingly complex and diverse, both the private and public sectors want employees with knowledge about and sensitivity to issues involving women and sexual minorities such as non-discrimination and equal employment opportunities, sexual harassment, flex-time, parental rights, violence against sexual minorities and women, pay equity, and domestic partner benefits, to name a few.

The electives should be related to your area of study and/or career goals. WGS offers a large number of 400-level courses and some 500-level courses that are cross-listed with other departments. 400-level courses at UIS are open to graduate students, so long as they meet the requirements for graduate level credit–for example, additional work or longer papers.

*Note: WGS 411 is a prerequisite for WGS 501. If WGS 411 was completed as part of undergraduate coursework, 12 hours of WGS graduate electives are required to complete the certificate. If WGS 411 is taken as part of the graduate certificate, 8 hours of WGS graduate electives are required to complete the certificate.