Self-Designed Degrees

Major in Women & Gender Studies with a Self-Designed Degree

UIS offers a B.A. degree in Liberal Studies and an M.A. degree in Liberal and Integrative Studies. Both allow students to emphasize Women and Gender Studies in a self-designed degree program. Students design their own curriculum by working with a degree committee that includes WGS, LIS or LNT faculty, other faculty, and peers. Enrollment in both degree programs is limited, so students need to apply early.

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

To learn more about the program’s philosophy of self-directed learning, admissions requirements, and curriculum, please visit the Liberal Studies website. The last 60 hours of this degree may be taken entirely online.

Master of Arts in Liberal and Integrative Studies

To learn more about the program’s philosophy of self-directed learning, admissions requirements, and curriculum, please visit the Liberal and Integrative Studies website.

students on a bridge doing field research in Mexico







WGS students got hands-on education about globalization in Chiapas, Mexico in 2008.

Designing a degree in Women & Gender Studies

Women and Gender Studies faculty regularly to serve as members of students’ self designed degree committees, sponsor Independent Studies and Tutorials, and advise students about the best learning resources.

Students who self-design a LIS or LNT degree centering on Women and Gender Studies are expected to work closely with the WGS faculty early on and throughout their degree. We also expect students to enroll in WGS courses, especially the foundational courses for understanding gender:

  • WGS 301 (Women, Gender, & Society)
  • WGS 403 (Women of Color & Minority Women)
  • WGS 411 (Feminist Theories)
  • WGS 501 (Advanced Feminist Theories)

Students should work with their WGS advisors to determine which WGS courses will best suit thier learning needs.

Examples of degrees with a focus on Women & Gender Studies

The Bachelor’s or Master’s degree diploma will specify Liberal Studies or Liberal & Integrative Studies as the degree earned, but the student’s transcript will list a degree title more specific to the individual coursework. The following are titles of some self-designed degrees (B.A. and M.A.) emphasizing Women and Gender Studies:

  • Feminism and Counseling for Social Change
  • Women’s Studies: Learning as Transformation
  • Education and the Future of Human Relations
  • Feminism, Creativity, and Centering
  • Feminist Values as Paradigms for Learning
  • Women’s Studies
  • Social Change
  • Counseling for Integration
  • Building Women’s Culture
  • Women’s Studies Adult Development/Aging
  • Feminist Spirituality
  • Women’s Studies/Women’s Spirituality
  • Women and Law
  • Women’s History
  • Women’s Studies: Spirituality and Self-Concept
  • A Study of Domestic Violence
  • Critical Social Theory and Politics: Myra Bradwell
  • Integrating Feminist Community, Spirituality, and Activism
  • Counseling Women: Women and Self-Esteem
  • Women and Political Power
  • Women’s Psychology: Re-Scripting a Life
  • Native American Women and Substance Abuse
  • Women’s Literature: Archetypal Models for Women’s Heroic Journey Applied to Madrode’s Path